It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Sometimes preparedness is about seeing the potential alternate uses of everyday items, sometimes preparedness is about keeping the ‘end’ in mind while dealing with the ‘ways’ and the ‘means.’  These were the inspirations for another article in this periodic column on Prepography called… It’s Not This It’s That (INTIT):

  • It’s not a 2 liter soda bottle, it’s half a day’s water waiting to be filled and stored (after being washed out of course)
  • It’s not a pair of eyeglasses, it’s a last ditch fire starter when you add some sun (prescriptions vary so test yours)
  • It’s not a paracord bracelet, it’s ~8 feet of cordage capable of holding up to 550 lbs.
  • It’s not steel wool and a 9 volt battery…it’s another last ditch fire starter
  • It’s not a netbook computer in an old microwave…it’s a preparedness library in a Faraday cage
  • It’s not a galvanized trash can with tight fitting lid…it’s rodent proof storage
  • It’s not just a tasty treat, Doritos are a long burning fire tinder
  • It’s not a cardboard egg carton, it’s a seed starter waiting for a little soil
  • It’s not a Global War on Terror (GWOT)…terrorism is a tactic…not an enemy, it’s a worldwide defensive war against Islamic extremists (not really preparedness related, but I couldn’t help myself) which makes an even worse acronym WDWAIE.

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