Luckygunner has 945 AR-15 Magazines In Stock & Ready to Ship

Luckygunner has 945 AR-15 Magazines In Stock & Ready to Ship

Magpul AR-15 30rd - 223 - Black - PMAG Standard Magazine For Sale

I’m still keeping an eye on prices and availability of key supplies to keep my firearms running and noticed that Prepography advertiser LuckyGunner has almost 1,000 standard capacity AR-15 magazines in stock and ready to ship as of 1PM Central time 2/15/13.  Prices range from $18.99 for 20 round Thermold magazines to $45.50 for 30 round Magpul PMAGs.

Brownells and Sportman’s Guide are still taking backorders for AR-15 magazines and their prices are better…but nothing’s in stock and some of the expected by dates are months in the future.

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6 Responses to “Luckygunner has 945 AR-15 Magazines In Stock & Ready to Ship”

  1. Podunk says:

    Freedom Munitions out of ID had 5.56 M193 ball in a lot of 1000 just about every day. These are reloads, not new.

    They make a batch daily, then send out an email when they are available then, stop takingg orders until the new batch is ready usually, 24 hrs later.

    Ya got to be quick though. I’ve been following this all last week and it has been selling out in 4-5 minutes.

    Cost is $587.89/1000 rnd case plus UPS shipping. Pricy but if one has to have it, much cheaper than $1.00 rnd. I bought some last Nov and this same thing cost me $0.33 a round in a 1000 case. Shoots good so far. No problems after 300 rnds.

  2. D2inKY says:

    It is great to be able to find them but I for one will hold off and advise all others to do the same. Just wait a few more months and prices will start coming down again. Everyone rushing to buy these and the prices are outrageous. $22 slashed to $18.99…. Sounds good, but I bought the same mags at a gun shop here for $5 each before the craziness started. Hold your ground and the prices will come down. If you don’t have enough to hold you over, then you would probably be in trouble anyway. By the way, the prices for Magpul’s are just insane. I understand supply and demand, but this is crazy too. $35-45 for a mag that sells for under $20. I will not be back…..(same thing Cheaper Than Dirt is doing). I know this doesn’t matter to the big company(s) but there are other folks/companies selling them for their NORMAL price (SRP) and not gouging the customers.

    • admin says:

      You can definitely save money if you backorder with Brownells, or Sportsman’s guide (my two other advertisers that still have them listed on their sites) or wait for the prices to come down…but that only works if they’re legal when the magazines become available… and I’m not talking about Congress successfully passing restrictions (which I think is a possibility, not a certainty). State after state is proposing legislation to limit magazine size. Keep an eye on your statehouse (unfortunately every state isn’t as rational as KY) because that’s where some of us are more likely to see our firearm rights eroded. A legislator in Missouri just proposed on confiscation bill …it’ll get defeated as it’s written but what if there’s a ‘compromise’ bill that develops.

      I had all the magazines I wanted before this craziness started but have actually bought some and backordered a lot more so that I will have all I will ever need. Now I need to go buy the firearms to go with some of my magazines I own:)

      • D2inKY says:

        @Admin……I understand the possible ban thing, that’s why I said you should have had them. But I realize some people are just getting into the shooting sports and aren’t/weren’t ready for all this. Nothing against Lucky Gunner, I know they are in the business of making money, but it is hard to justify when Magpul didn’t raise the price of their products to them. I wen’t to the same store I mentioned earlier and they had the new P-Mags too…..for $40.95. I laughed and got a few other things and left. Hey, if you need them, I guess you need them. I was just trying to say that if people really can get by with what they have, then try to hold off. Now, the same shop had used, tilt followers, metal mags for $16.95. Need to change the follower and painted, but pretty good offer. They have a couple hundred at least. I really hope the bans fall on their face and we get back to being some what normal soon. I need a lower parts kit, but I am not paying $200….lol Anyway, good luck to all and hope everyone at least has some of what they need.

        • admin says:

          I went to gun show last weekend and the prices of the guns and accessories were all over the place…use to be some uniformity to pricing but no longer. AR’s were even being marked down through the day as the prices were falling (according to the dealers)…SIG AR’s were down to $1,000.

          Ammo prices are cutting into my shooting as well. When AR rounds are selling for $1 each it’s time to buy a .22 sub-caliber adapter.

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