M16 Maintenance Infographic Comic

M16 Maintenance Infographic Comic

Long before the term Infographic came into widespread use the military learned the value of using images to teach skills to young recruits.  Many of these manuals, like this M16 Maintenance Infographic (The M16A1 Rifle, Operation & Preventive Maintenance DA Pam 750-30) were written as comic books complete with well endowed women and full on innuendo.  Click on the image below to page through the comic/manual.  This particular example of Military Pedagogy was published in 1969, long before the military became more preoccupied with political correctness than warfighting but it does have some good information even if a few of the tools described are a little dated.  Additionally, check out the list below the graphics for a selection of current AR maintenance tools and supplies… some haven’t changed a lot…some are huge improvements over what we had 45 years ago.

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GI Cleaning Kit:

Better Cleaning Kit:

This is the one I carried in Iraq…

Good Carrying Case:

Armored Carrying Case:


Front Sight Tool:

Rails & Rail Covers:

Armorer’s Tools:

Old School GI Magazine Pouch:

AR15/M16 Speedloader Kit:

Cleaning Supplies:

AR Magazine:
TAPCO® 30-rd. AR-15 Magazine

 Ammunition Suppliers:

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