Minimum Wage Causes Unemployment – Today’s Quote

Minimum Wage Causes Unemployment – Today’s Quote

It is astounding that after decades of empirical evidence, there continues to exist misguided minds who fail to understand simple supply and demand and how these forces shape the minimum wage debate.

Numerous studies across different times and locations have shown overwhelmingly that higher mandatory wages equals higher unemployment for low skilled workers. This is a fundamental economic law, like gravity.

The Keynesians out there have always argued that you can have your cake and eat it too just don’t pay attention to the accompanying debt and inflation. Their emotionally biased way of thinking has distorted the playing field for low skilled employees by creating artificial price levels. Instead of allowing the invisible hand of the market to function, these authoritarian policy makers prefer to interfere and dictate like the old Soviet Politburo and we all know how that turned out.

Jason Scheurer via Minimum Wage and Unemployment: A Zero-Sum Game

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