Movement in Urban Terrain during WROL

Movement in Urban Terrain during WROL

Today we present the first in a series of tips taken from the U.S. Army’s FM 21-75, Basic Combat Skills Appendix D, Urban Areas.  This manual is Approved for Public Release and provides a great deal of useful information for the prepper forced to move through urban or built up areas following a breakdown in the rule of law which is sometimes called without rule of law or WROL.  Today’s tips will help you with Movement in Urban Terrain during WROL.

HOW TO MOVE [in urban terrain]

Movement in urban areas is a fundamental skill that you must master.  To minimize exposure to enemy fire while moving:

  • Do not silhouette yourself, stay low, avoid open areas such as streets, alleys, and parks.
  • Select your next covered position before moving.
  • Conceal your movements by using smoke, buildings, rubble, or foliage.
  • Move rapidly from one position to another.
  • Do not mask your overwatching / covering fire when you move; and stay alert and ready.  [Andrew’s Note:  Don’t move between someone that can support you with a firearm and where a potential attacker could be.]
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