News to Know

News to Know

Situational awareness is a key element of survival and today, situational awareness must be global.  Today we present news to know from the past week with a dab of commentary:

News that could be ripped from the pages of an Ian Fleming Novel:

Security Threat News:

Health News:Prepography Logo

Financial News:

Nature’s Fury in the News:

 Other News:

  • Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties:  President Morsi wants us to “fundamentally change our approach to the Arab world.”  I’m confused, does that mean not rescuing the Bosnian Muslims and Kosovars from genocide, not brokering peace between Middle East belligerents, not freeing the people of Kuwait or not fostering democracy that let Morsi’s own Muslim Brotherhood come to power.  That same Muslim Brotherhood that now enjoys wide ranging power across the Middle East and Africa and alleged ties to terror and global jihad.
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