Newspeak Dictionary – Your Guide To Understanding The Political Class

Newspeak Dictionary – Your Guide To Understanding The Political Class

Without the freedom to think, all other freedoms disappear.  This was the premise behind ‘Newspeak‘ in George Orwell’s classic book 1984.  Newspeak was a modification to the language so that ‘Big Brother’ could exert greater control over what and how people think.  By modifying the language, Big Brother hoped to eliminate ‘thoughtcrime’ and the very desire for freedom.

While most of those reading this article are fortunate enough to live in a society ruled more by law than by man, there is a threat of tyranny in the misuse and manipulation of the English language by our political class and their allies in the media that is essentially our own version of Newspeak.

George Orwell PrescienceI’ve written on several occasions about how our Newspeak attempts to make the illogical, illegal, ridiculous, tyrannical and evil seem acceptable or even preferable.

Just to be clear, Newspeak isn’t the province of a single political party, both parties are equally guilty and any third party that gains traction will likely resort to the tactics of Newspeak as well.  From time to time we’ll introduce additional Newspeak definitions to help armor you against the Jedi mindtricks of the political class.

Keep an eye on Prepography as we begin to build the Prepography Newspeak Dictionary and feel free to contribute your own definitions as well using the ‘Submit A Prep Tip‘ button.  Our First definition:

Newspeak:  Manipulative language used by the political class and their allies to mislead, sway opinions, suppress dissent and control thought.

Do you have a Newspeak term you’d like us to highlight on Prepography?  If so, use Submit A Prep Tip to let us know and check out the growing list of Newspeak definitions we’ve assembled at Newspeak, A Modern Political Dictionary.

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One Response to “Newspeak Dictionary – Your Guide To Understanding The Political Class”

  1. Prepography Reader M in KS wrote in to say:

    Newspeak…Orwell, definitely ahead of his time. To me the contemporary word for “newspeak’ is “Framing”.” Framing the issue” was penned by George Lakoff, Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California. He has written many books on the subject. Must add that he is a Progressive. There is also The Framing Theory that is significant to research.

    Thomas Frank also touches on this issue in his book What’s the Matter with Kansas. Kansas being a microcosm for the rest of the country. The premise is why we tend to vote against our best interests.

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