Newspeak, A Modern Political Dictionary

Newspeak, A Modern Political Dictionary

George Orwell PrescienceWithout the freedom to think, all other freedoms disappear.  This was the premise behind ‘Newspeak’ in George Orwell’s classic book 1984.  Newspeak was a modification to the language so that ‘Big Brother’ could exert greater control over what and how people think. By modifying the language, Big Brother hoped to eliminate ‘thoughtcrime’ and the very desire for freedom.  While we are fortunate to live in a society ruled more by law than by man, there is a threat of tyranny in the redefinition, misuse and manipulation of the English language by our political class and their allies in the media that is essentially our own version of Newspeak.  I hope you find the Newspeak dictionary helpful and feel free to submit definitions for the Newspeak words that you encounter.  

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Affordable Care Act (ACA):  Sometimes we give something a name the the exact opposite of what we expect will happen just to make folks feel better about supporting it.  This act was so poorly named that it’s opponents tried a little Newspeak of their own and you may know it better as ‘Obamacare.’  For those that haven’t taken the time to research the ACA in depth… it’s nothing more than Phase I of a two Phase plan to move the U.S. to a ‘Single Payer System’… another Newspeak term meaning government controlled health care or socialized medicine.




Character Assassination:  In traditional use the term ‘character assassination’ is used to describe untrue slanderous or libelous comments used to intentionally damage someone’s credibility and reputation.  In its modern, Progressive usage the term ‘character assassination’ now includes comments as well as the release of documents, testimony or video which negatively affects the credibility or reputation of someone that our political and media class would rather protect even if the information is true.

Common Core:  Newspeak for ‘centralized control’ of school curriculum.  Common Core is being promoted by its creators as a way to ensure that local school districts “provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”  Additionally, “the standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.”  While Common Core is a creation of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) it’s potential to be hijacked by those with a political agenda (especially if a social studies component is added) including certain senior leaders at the U.S. Department of Education makes it a troubling development.

Common Sense Reform:  Newspeak term used to ‘sell’ the abridgement of freedom.  By incrementally passing ‘common sense reforms’ freedoms can be legislated out of existence in just a few years.  Many of these ‘common sense reforms’ are initiated rapidly in response to a tragic or emotional incident…almost as if the freedom abridging proposal was sitting on the shelf just waiting so that the political elites don’t have to let “a serious crisis to go to waste” (to use the words of the former Obama Administration Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel).


Diversity Training:  American and Western European equivalent of the Communist re-education camp where problematic thoughts and speech are excised from the attendee.  Originally developed with the intention to train attendees to ‘treat all with dignity’ but now utilized as a ‘Progressive’ vehicle to deter thought crime.  Attendees are regularly taught that the achievements of the ‘majority’ are unearned due to ‘privilege’ and to avoid problematic ideas and speech such as:

  • All lives matter – it’s racist
  • Chairman – it’s sexist
  • Senior citizen – it’s ageist
  • Foreigner – it denigrates those not born ‘here’
  • American – it fails to recognize that the United States isn’t the only country in the Americas


 Eminent Domain:  Eminent Domain is a legal process through which a governmental agency strips individuals of their property rights to promote a public project (or lack thereof if setting aside ‘green space’).  The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution does specify that property may not be taken “without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”   I agree to the need for such processes on rare occasions like for the building of the Hoover dam which still provides electricity to a large region of the Southwest but Eminent Domain has also been used in recent years provide transfer property through sweetheart deals to influential private developers.  For this reason, Eminent Domain joins our growing Newspeak Dictionary.


Fair Wage:  Newspeak for an artificially created, centrally controlled wage floor (minimum wage) that fails to take into account the relative income and expenses generated from that labor.  While one would think that a fair wage would be one mutually agreed to by the labor buyer (employer) and labor seller (employee) you would be wrong under the politics of Newspeak.  Proponents of Fair Wage legislation and executive orders believe that the value generated by labor is irrelevant and expect employers to hire entry level workers at an economic loss.  Fair Wage mandates and raises in the minimum wage have been proven time and again to increase unemployment by making entry level jobs either disappear, move overseas or be replaced by automation.  When is the last time you used a full service gas station (not including those required by law such as in New Jersey), checked out at a discount store that didn’t have a self-checkout option or walked past your banks 2 or 3 tellers to use the ATM…all represent jobs lost to Fair Wage mandates.  Without those entry level jobs how is an unskilled or poorly skilled worker to develop skills, a job history or a reputation with his/her employer that leads to promotion and further opportunities for success?

First Amendment Area or First Amendment Zone:  This is a relatively new technique used by the political elite and certain security professionals to corral protesters and those wanting to exercise their First Amendment freedom of speech to certain areas or zones effectively denying that freedom to those outside of the ‘approved’ area.  This technique has also been used to keep protesters out of the line of sight of the President and other senior government leaders.


Gun Free Zone:  Personally, I think that ‘Victim Zone’ or ‘Defenseless Zone’ is a more accurate description as ‘come and get us, we can’t defend ourselves here zone’ is just too long.  Maybe something a little more neutral like ‘Legal-Gun Free Zone’ or Criminal & Cop Guns Only Zone’ would be more appropriate.  I think we should replace these laws and signs with ‘Licensed CCW Welcome’ or something similar.  Recent examples of the fallacy of Gun Free Zones include Fort Hood, TX (2009); Fort Hood, TX (2014) Virginia Tech; Sandy Hook Elementary; or the Century Movie Theater in Aurora, CO.

Gun Show Loophole:  ‘Loopholes’ are bad right…it sounds like you’re trying to avoid complying with a law if you’re using a ‘loophole.’  There’s no such thing as a ‘Gun Show Loophole’ because our firearms laws for licensed dealers were written so that no background check was required at gun shows….it’s not a loophole it’s a legal transaction.  The correct term is ‘legal sale.’









 Liberal:  This one really galls me.  I consider myself a liberal in the classic sense of having a live and let live attitude.  I believe that you should have the freedom to do anything you want until it interferes with my freedoms (note that this also includes protecting me from paying for your freedoms).  It infuriates me that modern ‘liberals’ want as much or more government intervention in individual lives as they accuse ‘conservatives’ of wanting.  Classical ‘liberals’ are now saddled with the term ‘Libertarian’ which the influential in both political camps are actively portraying as whack jobs and frequenters of tin foil haberdasheries.

Libertarian:  See Liberal




Newspeak:  Manipulative language used by the political class and their allies to mislead, sway opinions, suppress dissent and control thought.






Patriot Act:  How is giving up freedoms patriotic… weren’t freedom and the preservation of rights founding values of our nation.  This act also made me take all kinds of silly classes to teach me how to spot if a financial transaction was suspicious…like I couldn’t tell already.  Tapping (U.S.) phones without the due process of a warrant truly is a potential tool of tyranny.

Privilege:  A Newspeak word used in place of ‘achievement’ to belittle and steal from those who work hard and achieve success which violates the Progressive concept of ‘equality of outcomes.’






Shared Responsibility Payment:  A new term used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in to describe the tax that must be paid by those who fail to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act inFour-Tax-Facts-about-the-Health-Care-Law-for-Individuals.  Can’t you just hear the rallying call of the founding fathers ‘shared responsibility payments without representation is treason!’

Support the 2nd Amendment for Sportsmen:  I have to admit that I fell for this one for several years when I was a young man and was only concerned with feeding my family.  The Obama administration isn’t the first administration to try and confuse the citizenry by talking about how Pro 2nd Amendment they are to defend the rights of sporting men and women.  The President even tells us how he goes Skeet Shooting all the time at Camp David when he’s discussing the 2nd Amendment.  If you haven’t read the 2nd Amendment in a while go do so now by clicking HERE.  Gotta love the foresight of those founding fathers…but they sure did talk funny.  Hmm…didn’t mention sporting guns at all did it…that’s BECAUSE THE 2ND AMENDMENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FIREARMS SPORTS!  What the 18th Century statesmen meant when they used the word ‘militia’ was actually every able bodied man (they were products of their times) from 16 to 60…in other words the citizenry.  Remember that the founders had recently been through a revolution against an oppressive government and lived in significant fear that they would face a foreign invasion again in the future…like the War of 1812.  While the threat of an armed citizenry didn’t deter the British in 1812 it did save us from invasion on at least one other occasion if you believe the quotes attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

Single Payer System:  Newspeak for socialized medicine or a government takeover of the entire medical sector.  Medical professionals become government employees and a trip to the hospital or the doctor’s office…once you can get in will have all the customer service you’ve come to expect from your local department of motor vehicles.  Rationing of healthcare guaranteed by a single payer system.  If your think the Affordable Care Act is bad…wait for the planned Single Payer System.

Spending Cuts:  Often when the political class talk about ‘cuts’ what they actually mean aren’t cuts from previous spending levels but cuts to projected future growth in spending.  That’s how we have situations come up like the 2013 Sequester and furlough of government workers when Federal spending actually increased from 2012 to 2013.  The poor government workers that took a 20% cut in their work weeks and pay were merely pawns to a political class that was arguing about just how much more to increase government spending.




Undocumented Worker:  Let’s see… the proponents of ‘Undocumented Worker’ versus the more appropriate term, ‘illegal alien’ say that a person can’t be ‘illegal’ but how can anyone be undocumented…there’s a birth certificate, drivers license, or even forged ID for most every person in this country whether they came (or stayed) here legally or not.  That said, are all people that are ‘Undocumented’ really ‘Workers?’  I wish there were a term we could use to seriously discuss those that have skirted or broken our immigration laws that wasn’t so politically charged.  Maybe this is a place where we can come up with a truly neutral alternative ‘Potentially Nice and Thoroughly Human Person Who Broke Our Laws to Be Here’ or ‘Unconvicted Immigrant who Came Here Illegally.’

Universal Background Checks:  How ‘universal’ are background checks that exempt criminals… it’s strange but true that criminals won’t submit to background checks and will buy firearms on the black market or steal them from law abiding gun owners…especially when we make it easy by publishing the target addresses.  Instead of ‘Universal Background Checks’ maybe we should call this ‘Legal Guns for the Taking List’ as such background checks could be used as part of a confiscation regime by some future administration that’s not as Constitution friendly as those we’ve been blessed with up until now.











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