No Guns For You!

No Guns For You!

No Guns For You?  ‘Out West’ or even in my much beloved Midwest (not including much of Illinois of course) we have a hard time understanding the Eastern Mindset…I’m not talking about the Asian Mind but the Eastern (US) Mind.  With notable exceptions like West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine and much of Pennsylvania there is this attitude toward liberties and even Constitutionally protected liberties that the rest of us just don’t understand…to quote Mr. Sampson (below) ‘it just doesn’t make sense’ to us.  Recently the Massachusetts legislature pulled wording from a proposed law that would have allowed the local Chief of Police to determine who could and who couldn’t purchase long arms (they already have this power for hand guns).  No due process, no pretense of complying with the requirements of the Second Amendment…just dictatorial powers to determine who is and who isn’t allowed to protect themselves with a rifle or shotgun.

Wayne Sampson, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association epitomized the arrogance of those law enforcement officers prospective overlords more concerned with their personal power than supporting their oath to the Constitution when he exclaimed:

We, as an association, believe that it’s unconscionable that if we determine a person is unsuitable to carry a handgun, that they can then turn around and apply for a Firearms Identification Card, which allows them, by law, to purchase rifles and shotguns. And there’s no way we can impose any restrictions on that. It just doesn’t make sense.

Wayne Sampson, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association

I agree Mr. Sampson… at least with that last part…‘It just doesn’t make sense.’

  • It doesn’t make sense for local law enforcement to be able to abridge a citizen’s natural and constitutional right to defend him or herself by executive fiat or whim
  • It doesn’t make sense to require someone to apply for and obtain a Firearms Identification Card before they are allowed to purchase a firearm
  • It doesn’t make sense for a law enforcement officer to encourage legislators to molest our Constitution by denying our citizens even its most basic freedoms
  • It doesn’t make sense for our us to have a 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves from tyrannical oversight and then give the chief law enforcement officer in your town the very tyrannical powers the 2nd Amendment was written to protect us from.

I know and have worked in the Reserves and with community and non-profit groups with a number of law enforcement officers and have found the vast majority of them to be honorable men and women dedicated to the preservation of a civil society built on individual liberties (and that sheepdog ethic)…there are a few bad apples in every group though and with the law enforcement crowd those bad apples seem to have a tyrannical bent.  These, thankfully rare, officers seem to approach their law enforcement duties more out of a desire to have a position of power over others than a desire to serve the public.  It appears that this power loving minority has taken over the Chiefs of Police Association in Massachusetts and seeks to judge who gets to exercise their rights and whose rights are denied.

This whole situation reminds me of the classic Seinfeld (TV Show) character affectionately called the ‘Soup Nazi.’  As you may recall there was a restaurant in the primary character’s neighborhood that served soup so much better than anyplace else that there was a line out the door.  The soup line was lorded over by the Soup Nazi and those customers that didn’t wait in line and approach the server with the appropriate deference, meekness and subservience were shown the door as the Soup Nazi screamed “No Soup For You.”  Having to kowtow to the Soup Nazi to buy your favorite chowder would certainly be annoying but having to kowtow to your local chief of police before you are allowed to exercise your rights just doesn’t make sense!


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