Online Tools for Self Reliance

Online Tools for Self Reliance

Today I’m pleased to announce a tool for tools…that is a reference page of Online Tools for Self Reliance.  With your help this resource will grow over time.  You can access the reference at any time HERE.  This is what we’ve got so far:

While we don’t want to become reliant on high tech and broadband communications there are a number of excellent references and resources available for our use on the web.  Here are some of my favorites and those suggested by Prepography‘s readers:

Prepography LogoSecurity:

Firearms & Accessories Purchasing Tools & Sites:

  • Gun Broker:  Firearms sales / Gun auction.  Pick up locally or have mailed through a local Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer
  • Gun Deals:  Crowdsourced reference to find which stores/dealers have the best current pricing by caliber/gauge

Situational Awareness:

  • Crime Tracking:  SpotCrime is the “Most Comprehensive Online Source of Crime Information.”  Enter your zip code and see what crimes have been reported in your area or sign up for alerts when crimes are reported.  Thanks to Brenda from Alabama for the suggestion.
  • World Reference:  The CIA World Factbook is an excellent resource to research information and demographics on the nations of the world.

Mapping Tools:

  • Beacon:  Beacon is a Geospatial Information System (GIS) used by many local governments to track land ownership, fire protection services, ambulance districts, utility rights of way and of course…taxes.  It may be available to you if your local government subscribes.  Use for IPB (Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace Neighborhood) and for planning your own Operational Security (OPSEC).
  • Google Maps:  Mapping tool with overhead imagery capability and streetview allows you to do recon without ever leaving your arm chair.
  • Google Earth:  Google Maps on steroids….complete with 3d models of urban areas.  Probably capable of doing line of site studies (if you’ve tried it let me know).
  • Mapquest:  Another great mapping tool with overhead imagery capability




Precious Metals Pricing: 

  • Coinflation:  Excellent tool for checking the spot value of precious metals as well as a source of melt value for current and historical coinage for US & Canadian coinage as well as select European Countries 

Personal Health, Fitness & Medical:

Weightloss Tools :

Others Tools & Sites:

Government Surplus Websites:

  • GovDeals:  Lots of fire and police equipment as well as utility company and heavy equipment
  • GSA Auctions:  Sells everything from vehicles to equipment to lighthouses
  • IRS Auctions:  Seized property and real estate of all types
  • Property Room:  More general auctions but they want to be known for their seized items auctions


Andrew’s Note:  Know of a great online tool that we  haven’t listed below?  If so… go to my Contact Page, tell me what the tool does and why you like it.  Make sure and include the link.  If I like it and it’s Self-Reliant or Prepping related you might see it pop up on this page.

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