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Additional Columnists Wanted

Interested in helping people develop the knowledge, skills and tasks necessary to implement the Doctrine of Full Spectrum Preparedness?

If you have a passion for preparedness and self reliance and think you have what it takes to be a Prepography columnist contact Andrew and let him know how you can bring value to our readers.  Columnists are expected to submit no less than 1 column a month to maintain their following.  Length is less of an issue than content.  Biographies are posted following the third article accepted for publication.  You don’t have to be an expert in preparedness to contribute along the lines that you do have experience with.

Prospective columnists should be familiar with our Full Spectrum Preparedness Doctrine and Why Prep concepts at a minimum.

Guest Writers Wanted

Guest articles from authors featured on other websites or in the traditional print media are also encouraged.  Biographies for guest writers are included in each article they write and should include links back to the major body of their written efforts.  Frequent guest writers will be afforded the same online presence at Prepography that Columnists enjoy.


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