Post Apocalyptic Hygiene Supplies

Post Apocalyptic Hygiene Supplies

As we discussed in our recent article, Post Apocalyptic Self Care hygiene is important to health and never more important than during times of great stress, after a disaster or while living in an austere environment.  If you don’t take actions now to stockpile necessary post apocalyptic hygiene supplies you might not have the necessary supplies even after a minor disaster.

Today’s article and list is based on hand has been expanded from the list suggested by Army Techniques Publication No. 4-25-12 (ATP 4-25-12) Unit Field Sanitation Teams, April 2014 edition.  ATP 4-25-12 has been ‘Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.’  Links are provided for additional reading on selected item categories or links to facilitate improving your own post apocalyptic hygiene supplies but I suggest that you stock what you use.

Personal Post Apocalyptic Hygiene & Sanitation

Today it’s easy to practice good hygiene and sanitation, in fact it’s socially unacceptable to make any other choice but after a disaster when there aren’t any store shelves stocked with soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and cleansers.  You now have cheap and reliable energy to heat your bathwater, run your vacuum and even run a toothbrush with rotating bristles.  You likely even have potable water running under pressure to multiple rooms in your home.  Potable water is so cheap that you also probably use it to flush away your bodily waste.  There’s probably even a truck that shows up once a week to haul off your trash.

The question is…would you have the supplies and discipline to maintain a commensurate level of hygiene and sanitation without all these modern conveniences?  Each Prepper should understand the risks he or she runs for him or herself and their community if they fail to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and sanitation.  It’s no coincidence that diseases like cholera break out following battles as well as natural and humanitarian disasters.

Note:  Leadership plays a key role in as well.  Community and Prepper Leaders must educate group and community members in proper techniques and enforce codes and/or standards like standoff distances between latrines and water sources.

Personal Post Apocalyptic Hygiene Supplies

Post Apocalyptic Hygiene SuppliesPreparedness requires health and hygiene supplies.  As an alternative you may develop the ability to make, find or trade for health and hygiene supplies…just don’t expect Walmart to be an option.  Such health and hygiene supplies may include items any number of items including some from the list below:

Note:   Make sure to stockpile unscented toiletries to the extent possible to avoid attracting insects or letting your perfume announce your presence before you’re ready in a tactical situation.  Additionally, make sure to avoid antibacterial soaps and cleansers if you intend to use a septic tank for waste disposal.

Warning:  The sharing of most health and hygiene Items may spread disease or infections 

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