Post Apocalyptic Self Care

Post Apocalyptic Self Care

A Prepper must know how to take care of others, but even more important that taking care of others is taking care of one’s self…so that you can continue to take care of others.  Prevention and self care are important to maintaining health but never more so than during times of great stress, after a disaster and while living in an austere environment.  You will likely experience one or more of those events in your life and if you’ve studied and practiced the requirements for post apocalyptic self-care…you can easily apply those lessons to such lesser disasters and hopefully keep yourself and your community healthy enough to deal with the challenges you face.

A Prepper Should Understand Post Apocalyptic Self Care For:

  • Heat Injuries:  Through the choices you make about clothing, headgear, water consumption, sunscreen use, rest/work intervals and times of the day worked you can greatly reduce or eliminate the likelihood that you will suffer a heat injury.
  • Cold Injuries:  Through the choices you make about clothes, clothes layering, modulating your work efforts, hydration, keeping your skin dry, and avoiding potentially dangerous situations like skin against bare metal you can eliminate or reduce the likelihood that you will suffer a cold injury.
  • Vector Injuries or Diseases:  Proper wear of clothing as well as use of insect repellents, insecticides, careful observation/avoidance and prophylactic medicines will help protect you from suffering from an animal, insect or arthropod carried disease or injury.
  • Food and Water Borne Diseases:  Through the understanding of proper food preparation techniques as well as water purification and hygiene/sanitation proceedures you will reduce the likelihood of suffering from a food or water borne disease.
  • Skin Diseases & Sun Injuries:  Proper hygiene and protecting your skin from the sun and the elements will reduce the likelihood of suffering from many skin diseases or sun injuries like snow blindness.
  • Diseases of the Mouth & Gums:  Proper hygiene centered around brushing and flossing as well as avoiding tobacco use will help protect you from most diseases of the mouth and gums.

If you learn how to and practice taking care of yourself in the most extreme circumstances, “Post Apocalyptic Self Care,” than you’ll be able to keep yourself healthier today and everyday…and be in better shape to help others after even minor disasters.

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