Preparedness Calendar Part 1

Preparedness Calendar Part 1

Andrew’s Note:  You are reviewing an archived article.  You can find now find the entire, up-to-date Preparedness Calender at it’s Permanent Location.

Today I’m pleased to introduce a new preparedness tool from Prepography.  Beginning tomorrow this Preparedness Calendar will become a permanent fixture on our website.  The Preparedness Calendar will remain a work in progress and is designed to help you develop your own Preparedness Calendar.

Please note that this is a sample Preparedness Calendar and you should modify your Preparedness Calendar to meet your individual situation including your climate, likely natural disasters (for example:  hurricanes on the Coast vs. wildfire season in the American West), preparedness level, family situation and the aggressiveness of your preparedness journey (maybe you can’t wait to tackle a particular task).  Today we introduce the first six months of the Preparedness Calendar…check back in tomorrow for Preparedness Calendar Part 2.


  • Financial Wellness Month
  1. Review your Financial Preparedness Plan
  2. Inventory Financial Preps
  • National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month:  Go to the shooting range (you need practice shooting with all that ‘snivel gear’ on)
  • Garden:  Plan & Order Seeds/Starts (if mail ordering)
  • Review Security Preparedness
  1. Conduct security audit of your home and/or retreat
  2. Inventory your security preps
  3. Discuss Operational Security with your family and/or preparedness group


  • Review Health & Medical Preparedness
  1. Get a Physical Exam
  2. Make sure all immunizations are up to date
  3. Inventory medical & first aid items.  Check expiration dates and rotate in fresh items
  4. Go to the dentist and have your teeth cleaned.  Ask about sealants…most dentists don’t offer them to adults because insurance won’t pay


  • National Nutrition Month – Review your Food Preparedness
  • Test your sump pump – replace if over 5 years old
  • Daylight Savings Time:  Test smoke detectors & Change batteries.  Visually inspect Fire Extinguisher and make sure charge still shows green


  • National Donate Life Month:  Make sure to sign up as an organ donor and explain your wishes to your family.  Becoming an organ donor may help another family avoid a personal TEOTWAWKI event.
  •  Arbor Day – Last Friday:  Visually inspect all trees and take actions as necessary.  Plan further plantings to coincide with best time to plant in your locale.
  • Clothing:  Rotate your summer clothes into your closet and retire your winter clothes for the season.  Make sure that you have appropriate seasonal clothing for your worst case scenario
  • Garden:  Prep garden beds and start seeds inside
  • Go to the shooting range


  • Loyalty Day, May 1st:  A special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.
  • National Transportation Week, 3rd Friday in May:  Review vehicle maintenance records and make sure all recommended services are up to date.  Perform preventive maintenance checks & services (PMCS) including visually inspect wiper blades and replace if worn.  If bicycles are part of your bug out plan or backup plan, perform PMCS on your bikes as well.
  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • National Hurricane Preparedness Week, 3rd Week:  Make sure you have all necessary supplies and materials on hand to secure residence or business.  Clear a fire break around structures if you live in wildfire country.
  • Garden:  Plant or transplant what you started inside…outside


  • Water Preparedness
  1. Rotate Water Storage:  Replace stored water.  Sanitize containers if reusing.
  2. Inventory water purification tools and supplies.  Rotate as necessary
  3. Have a plumber drain & refill your hot water tank to avoid sediment and maximize this as a last ditch water storage.

Final thoughts:  Just because something appears on your calendar doesn’t mean it can be ignored the rest of the year…the calendar item is just a reminder to stop and focus on that particular part of preparedness, even if nothing has grabbed your attention.  Use the Submit a Prep Tip button to suggest additions.


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