REALITY CHECK Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps

REALITY CHECK Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present another commentary in Roger’s REALITY CHECK series.  This time Roger takes on the current frenzy over Presidential Candidate’s Mitt Romney’s recently released comments regarding The 47%.  Enjoy your REALITY CHECK, Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps!

This is not a political website!  [AJJ’s Note:  Maybe a little bit when it comes to assaults on Individual Liberty]  Its purpose is to educate, communicate and facilitate the process of personal preparation for disaster and build self-reliance.  However, one of the highest probability and greatest threats likely to cause The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) comes directly from the political realm!  I have discussed taxation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Dependence, and the national debt-saster, in previous posts.  I, like a sizable majority of Americans, feel the country is “headed in the wrong direction” and that is a direct result of the actions and inactions of politicians.  Thus, I will Reality Check various partisan political topics from time to time.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been sodomized for committing the politically mortal sin of telling the truth during a private political event in which he stated that he felt 47% of Americans would be disinclined to support him because they pay no federal income taxes and/or receive a federal stipend of some kind under the current administration. Romney had the temerity to openly and accurately discuss the taxation and dependency realities of our country!!  He then had the gall to stand by his statements and beliefs rather than blubber about how he didn’t mean it and feels horrible about it!!  No one, expects his “honesty attack” to catch on with other politicians and, in fact, this condition is likely to prove terminal for him.  What it has done is to provide counter-battery fire, a return salvo, to the drooling mutants making up the Occupy Movement and their successful ‘1%’ attack.

Roger's Reality CheckRomney, to quote the exquisite phrase from “Zombieland”, has opted to “nut up” rather than shut up concerning the class warfare construct of the center/left in this country.  He has, at least in this instance, opted not to become an apologist for capitalism, merit based success, earning a living, and the creation of wealth through all the aforementioned.  Rather than backing down in the face of withering ‘enemy’ rhetoric about “unfairness”, Romney marched on!  History may record this event as a Boston Harbor moment in the class war that the Democratic Party and leftists have fomented for decades.  A symbolic, “we aren’t taking this anymore!” from the slim majority in this country who actually do pay income taxes and consider welfare a temporary crutch and not a viable lifestyle!

This rhetorical battle has the very real potential to become an actual war right here at home!  If you are one of the fools who immediately declare, “That could NEVER happen!” you could very well join the list of those who similarly declared:

  • “The Church” will never lose its monopoly on power because a thoughtful and disaffected priest posted some thoughts on a church door
  • Americans will never line up across from each other to kill and maim 20,000 of their own neighbors in one day (Antietam) over philosophical differences
  • That a failed artist/painter with virtually no political experience could be ELECTED to lead a major industrial power in the modern era and then systematically, with societal acquiescence, commit genocide  resulting in the deaths of 6 million human beings and cause another 10 million more through a protracted war of conquest
  • That the largest country on the planet, with by far the largest military (total combat power) could disintegrate in a matter of weeks without a shot being fired
  • A handful of dedicated religious fanatics could bring down two of the largest buildings on the planet in an hour!

The list above is just a few of the WORLD changing events that “could never happen”!

For that very reason Reality Check will examine the claims of the political class and provide perspective on this and future issues.  The Reality, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation is that 49% of all Americans who have taxable income pay NO federal income taxes!  Many if not most of these people fail to even recognize that they are part of the problem because they see taxes taken out of their paychecks without acknowledging or even associating the federal income tax return they receive with their “share” of the tax burden, which reimburses them ALL of what they paid in.  Additionally, because of insane tax subsidies, like the Earned Income Credit, some actually receive MORE money back than the total that they paid in during the course of the year…this government handout isn’t even included in the statistics below!  The Reality is even more skewed!  The vilified top 1% actually pay 40% of the taxes, while the top 10% pay more than 70% and 86% is paid by just the top 25%!  The Reality is that just the top 1% of individual filers in the state of Texas paid in more than 3% of ALL the individual income taxes paid in the whole country and as much as the bottom 55% of the entire country!

The Reality is that 47% of the population in this country receives a stipend of some kind from the FEDERAL government each month!  Remember, this isn’t like the statistics in the previous paragraph, measuring just those with taxable income, a MUCH smaller total number, but almost HALF the people in America get a check from “Uncle Sugar!”  This is the number, quoted by Mr. Romney, which is getting him treated like the newbie in a Turkish prison shower!  The Reality is that Romney included BOTH those who earned that check with those who receive it as a handout.  Romney was referring to what the government classifies as “means based benefits” that are arguably based upon some income qualification.  The ease and frequency with which this system is duped is legendary and beyond dispute but that is the basis for another article!  The Reality is that roughly 100 MILLION U.S. citizens (and several million people who aren’t U.S. citizens) receive some redistributed income, called a “benefit”, from just the federal government.  That’s 100 MILLION out of a total population of ~311 MILLION.  This includes officially designated welfare (it isn’t welfare unless you call it welfare in this system!), food stamps, section 8 housing, energy assistance, Medicaid, free cell phones and a litany of other handouts carefully classified as “programs” by the bureaucracy.

The Reality is that roughly half of that 47% receive some type stipend that they have earned.  These primarily include Social Security and federal pensioners who contributed to their stipend either through payroll taxes or service.  Any indignation that Social Security recipients might feel about being lumped into this category should be tempered with the Reality that virtually EVERY recipient ends up receiving FAR more in benefits than they paid into the system, most within the first 2-3 years.  It also includes the legions who are flocking to demand disability for every conceivable malady at the behest of the vermin who fill the airwaves and daytime television with ads urging them to do so.  The Reality is that for several months more Americans leapt onto the disability bandwagon than found jobs!  That is part of the reason that 36% of all the people in this country of working age are either not working or looking for work.

Another Reality is that the 47% doesn’t address the totality of the problem.  The 47% is merely the number for the FEDERAL government!  Many millions of additional Americans receive a “government check” each and every month from state and local governments.  Some of these are additional welfare programs run without federal involvement but most are retirement checks courtesy of the “generous” folks at AFSCME, the SEIU, NEA and various teacher, police and fire fighter unions.  Several states and numerous municipalities are currently facing bankruptcy over this generosity.  Let me be perfectly clear, I do not take exception with pensions and other retirement benefits earned by employees as part of employment contracts and enjoined through service!  The problem is with the policy NOT the people! Politicians who succumb to pressure (see Chicago teachers) and fail to consider the best interests of the ENTIRE polity and the long-term financial implications of their deeds stand in my bulls-eye!

The Reality is that ALL these people who receive money from some governmental entity are kindred spirits in the sense of feeling the steady pull of the “Entitlement Mentality”. That is, in Reality what Romney was expressing his frustration with in his remarks.  With such a large percentage of the population looking to “the government” for some portion of their income or needs, the party or person who has and continues to provide those benefits or promises more benefits will likely be more successful!!  It is simply an appeal to the basest of human emotions, self interest.  That symbiosis has caused the $16 TRILLION national debt and hundreds of billions in other debt and unfunded obligations at the state and local level!  This mentality and the financial armageddon it’s creating are a mortal threat to this country and the highest probability source of an end to the world as YOU know it (TEOTWAYKI).  That is why a comment and the political philosophies that underlie both sides belong in this website.  Become self-reliant and prepare for the disaster that is almost certain to ensue.

That’s your Reality Check


Andrew’s Postscript:  It’s interesting to note that there are dueling (ancient videos) out there now with Romney’s ‘47%’ comments and the President’s ‘support for wealth distribution’ videos.  It is interesting to note that the Romney’s video is front page news everywhere and the President’s embarrassing statements are primarily relegated to the blogosphere.  There’s a reason it’s called ‘Political Theater’ folks…

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