The Prepper Compact

The Prepper Compact

Where would you go if you had to leave your home on short notice due to a local, regional or larger disaster?  You probably have family and friends who would be happy to put you up for a few days or a week…but where could you go if you needed refuge for weeks, months, or longer?  Maybe you’ve even taken the steps necessary to build a Bug Out Bag, but where would you bug out too?  That’s where a Prepper Compact can help you.

A Prepper Compact is an agreement where one party agrees to take in the other party in the event of disaster or a bug out situation.  Compacts can be one way, reciprocal (between two parties) or mutual aid agreements among multiple parties.  The Prepper Compact clearly states the expectations and responsibilities of each party in advance so that adequate planning and preparation can take place.

At a minimum a Prepper Compact should specify:

  • What types of disasters will initiate the co-living situation?  For example, will you take in the other party after a job loss, local natural disaster like a wildfire or will it only be initiated by a long term ‘banking holiday,’ civil unrest or a breakdown in the rule of law.
  • Who or how many will be taken in?  What happens if the bug out party shows up with Jimmy’s girlfriend and her 5 cousins unexpectedly?
  • How long will the bugging out party be taken in for?
  • What will the living arrangements be?  Will they be staying in Junior’s room, living in the family’s RV out back or in the loft of the barn?
  • Will the party bugging out be required to preposition supplies at the bug out location?  If so, what type, how much and will they be commingled or stored separately.
  • What happens to the bugging out family’s supplies if they never arrive?  How long before ownership reverts to the family in possession?
  • Roles and responsibilities once co-living begins.

Prepper CompactAdditionally, because decisions made by committee or shifting family power dynamics don’t work well in life or death situations your Prepper Compact must specify your retreat’s chain of command with primary, alternate and subordinate leaders if necessary.

I recently had a phone conversation with a family member who lives in a major metropolitan area on the East coast.  She indicated that if a major societal upheaval happened she and her husband would be heading my way.  I could certainly use two extra pairs of hands in an emergency and love spending time with my family, but until she’s willing to enter into a Prepper Compact and preposition supplies here in the heartland then all I’m going to see if they show up at the door are two extra mouths to feed…mouths that will decrease the amount of time I can feed the Jackson clan.  What a terrible position to put me in if they need refuge for an extended period.

Planning for life at your bug out location is as important as having a place to go in the first place so consider entering into one or more Prepper Compacts.  Don’t put a parent in the position where they have to choose between feeding you and feeding their children by agreeing in advance through a Prepper Compact.

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