A Prepper Halloween Challenge

A Prepper Halloween Challenge

Today’s one of those days where no one looks too askance at you if you dress up like a zombie, an ax murderer or a Somali pirate.  Why not take advantage of the allowance for weirdness by trying this Prepper Halloween Challenge…

Ask the first five friends and acquaintances you meet what their ‘zombie apocalypse’ plan is.  I’ll bet you get at least four answers that are at least somewhat well (or considering we’re talking fictional monsters…ill) considered.  Enjoy the subsequent conversations as you ask your buddies to expand and elaborate on their plans.  Once the conversation begins to lull try this segue:

“Sounds like you’ve got a good plan for the zombie apocalypse, what about an energy apocalypse like an EMP attack or CME event?”

Zombie ApocalypseAsk the question and then sit back and listen…is there anything to listen to besides crickets chirping quietly in the background?  My guess is that your buddy with the well thought out plan for an attack by a fictional monster horde won’t have the slightest idea of what he or she would do if the lights suddenly went out and there was no prospect of them coming back on again soon.

Why otherwise rational folks develop detailed plans for fictions while ignoring possible real world disasters…disasters that have happened recently enough that our grandfather’s grandfather could have witnessed the auroras and the fires.

Maybe you’ll be lucky.  Maybe you’ll try the Prepper Halloween Challenge and get more than the sound of crickets.  Maybe you’ll find a like minded prepper to add to your own private prepper network.  If not, blame it on Halloween.

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