Prepper Pete Prepares – A Book Review

Prepper Pete Prepares – A Book Review

In general I’m very hesitant to expose very young children to the idea of preparedness.  Children need to feel loved and safe and the idea of preparedness can cause extreme anxiety in those not yet emotionally able to deal with the possibilities…heck, in my experience most adults aren’t intellectually and emotionally mature enough to understand the need for preparedness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for teaching children age appropriate preparedness skills, just not scaring the wits out of them.  That said, when Kermit Jones, Jr. contacted me and said he’d like to send me a preparedness book he’d written for kids, I thought I’d at least see if he had a better approach.  That book is Prepper Pete Prepares: An Introduction to Prepping for Kids.

Prepper Pete Prepares, An Introduction To Prepping For KidsPrepper Pete Prepares: An Introduction to Prepping for Kids was written by Kermit Jones, Jr. and illustrated by Christy Brill.  This story is the first book in a planned series that already includes six books, two of which have already been published.  The author describes the series purpose as highlighting “a handful of reasons to prepare in a simplistic, non-threatening manner.”

This first book follows an ant named Pete who decides that he and his family need to be better prepared and starts his preparedness journey by learning skills, storing food and purchasing firearms.  Jones describes the message of the book as “Some people prepare because they are afraid.  Our family doesn’t have to be afraid…because we are prepared!”

The books are well written and beautifully illustrated with a target audience of (based on the text & graphics) four to seven years old.  The book presents a concise argument for the reasons to prep and follows that up with simple, concrete steps to become better prepared.  However, the text includes references (in simplified terms) to pandemics, economic collapse, civil unrest, evacuation as well as CME & EMP events which I would be hesitant to talk about with children that age even with the delicacy that the author and illustrator exhibited.

If you’ve already introduced your young children to prepping this book deals with the subject well and may soften some of the discussions but based on my experience as a father I wouldn’t broach some of these subjects until my child was at least 12 years old and Jones’ book would be an easy way to start the discussions even with children at that age.  Of course the maturity of each child varies but this is also a subject that I wouldn’t want to present in this detail until my child was also able to keep our preparations secret.  The topic of preparedness secrets is also well covered in the book.

Bottom line, I liked the book but think it’s content if not it’s presentation is more appropriate for the 12 and up crowd where it would serve as a nice introduction to preparedness…I can think of a few adults I should share this with as well.

I did receive a complimentary copy of Prepper Pete Prepares for this review.  More information on the series is available at the Prepper Pete & Friends website.



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2 Responses to “Prepper Pete Prepares – A Book Review”

  1. Andrew, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the thorough and honest review! I hope you will enjoy future books in the Prepper Pete & Friends series! I know the topic is a judgement call, but I really just want the book to be a launching point of discussion for parents to use with their children (age appropriate, of course!). Blessings to you, and “Keep prepping!”
    Kermit Jones, Jr.

    • admin says:


      You are welcome and thanks again for introducing me to Prepper Pete’s world. Let me know as you release additional books in the series so I can keep my readers informed.

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