Prepper Wisdom from James Wesley Rawles

Prepper Wisdom from James Wesley Rawles

Here are some additional nuggets of prepper wisdom from James Wesley Rawles that I picked up at the Get Prepared Expo this past weekend during Rawles’ tele-interview.  I missed part of the interview due to some technical difficulties with the equipment and a scheduling conflict I had… but took away enough good ideas that I thought they were worth passing along.

If you’re not familiar with Rawles you can check him out on Survivalblog, his non-fiction book, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times or his survival manual disguised as a novel Patriots as well as the sequels Survivors and Founders.

The following nuggets were introduced by Rawles but I’ve taken the liberty to expand on them a bit here and there:

Battery Stock Up Alternative:  While you should stock up now on the batteries you’ll need, Toy stores are a great last minute place to stock up on batteries when the grocery and hardware stores are sold out or overrun.

Water Transportation:  Don’t overlook the logistics of water transportation in your preparedness.  You likely won’t have the fuel to waste in your vehicle so you’ll need to plan a manual alternative.  You should stock sturdy water containers and some type of wagon or cart.  Water weighs over 8 lbs per gallon so hauling 8 gallons (almost 67 lbs) per day for a family of four will be a real chore.  Think about how far away your backup water supply is from your home and what type of ground you need to traverse (rough, paved, slope, etc.).  5-Gallon water jugs and a high quality garden cart are a good option.

Where you live matters:  Bigger population density means bigger problems.

Society is Becoming More Vulnerable:  The vulnerability of our society increases each year due to:

  • James Wesley RawlesThe increasing interconnectedness of our infrastructure (power grid, internet, etc.)
  • The dramatic increase in the use of and smaller fault tolerances in micro circuitry.  Rawles gave the example that microcircuits from 20 years ago had 2-5 micron separation between circuits and are now down to 1/3 of a micron.  It takes a lot less electricity to arc across circuits separated by just a third of a micron.
  • The mood of society is changing and not for the better.  Moral absolutes are being replaced by moral relativism especially a fast and loose interpretation of property rights.
  • The capacity to create non-nuclear EMP is growing and while non-nuclear EMP can’t effect a wide area it could have devastating effect on key infrastructure (he used Wall Street as an example).
  • While EMP is thought of as a line of sight event or weapon…it can reach over the horizon through long distance coupling.

When the Septic Hits The Fan:  If you’re on a septic system…have it pumped frequently so that you’re in the best situation possible if you suddenly have lots of relatives coming to stay and nobody’s answering the phone at the septic service.

I wish I could have stayed for the whole two hour interview as Rawles was not just informative, and entertaining…he also was a pretty good sport.  At one point during the interview the host/interviewer actually left the room during the interview and asked Rawles to keep going on his own… and the preparedness wisdom from James Wesley Rawles just kept flowing.

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