Prepping Consequences of the Election

Prepping Consequences of the Election

I’ve received several inquiries today from concerned preppers asking what changes they should make to their preparedness plans in light of the recent election results so I gave some thought to the prepping consequences of the election and here’s what I’ve come up with…

First off, by a margin of roughly 2.5% (popular vote – as of the writing of this article) the citizens of the U.S. have chosen a path that clearly encourages dependence as opposed to self reliance…make no mistake though, the Republicans would have been better…but not by orders of magnitude.  For those in the depths of post-election depression let me point out that this country survived over 12 years of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s equally flawed economic strategies.  A huge portion of our population continues to work hard in spite of an ever increasing tax burden, adapts to changes instead of giving up, and finds ways to succeed instead of being frustrated into paralysis by red tape and institutional favoritism.  This country still has the biggest economic engine in the world idling under the hood and the most stable and successful form of government (but for some reason we always impose parliamentary governments on the countries we conquer).

So back to the question at hand…what are the prepping consequences of the election?  To analyze these prepping consequences let’s look at a few of the things that President Obama has said he’s going to do:

1.  On dismantling the European Missile Defense Shield to then Russian President Medvedev:

On all these issues, but particularly missile defence, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”
…This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.
via Barack Obama microphone gaffe: ‘I’ll have more flexibility after election’ – Telegraph.

2.  Work on Gun Control Issues ‘Under the Radar’ in a discussion with and described by Sarah Brady

During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda,” she said.

“I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

In the meeting, she said, Obama discussed how records get into the system and what can be done about firearms retailers. Her husband specifically brought up the proposed ban on large magazine clips, and she noted that even former Vice President Dick Cheney had suggested that some restrictions on the clips might make sense.

“He just laughed,” Sarah Brady said approvingly of the president. Both she and her husband, she emphasized, had absolute confidence that the president was committed to regulation.

via PolitiFact | Barack Obama coming after guns, ‘under the radar,’ NRA says.

3.  Increase taxes on the investing class

…a senior administration official told POLITICO. “He’s been running around the country saying, ‘We should raise taxes on wealthy people because we need to share the burden to deal with our deficit reduction,’” the official said. “So when people vote for Obama, that’s the approach they’re voting for.”

via Obama’s plan: Raise taxes – Joseph J. Schatz –

4.  Spend our way out of recession

What do you think a stimulus is?  It’s spending – that’s the whole point! Seriously.
President Barack Obama

The above are just a few examples but are enough to highlight some of the prepping consequences of the election.  I suggest you review your preparedness plan considering the following three factors at the very least:

1.  Presidential SealMaintain your Situational Awareness:  Our enemies and competitors know that our security will be further compromised for the next four years.  Israel is especially concerned with the outcome of this election as they believe that our President is less supportive of Israel than previous administrations and are deathly afraid an Iran armed with nuclear weapons.

2.  If You Can Afford It, BUY YOUR PREPS NOW:  Our economy will continue to struggle and inflation will eat away the spending power of our savings.  Additionally, our national policies of increased spending and tax increases that discourage investment will hamper and delay any nascent economic recovery.  If you have wealth, move as much as possible into inflation resistant forms.

3.  Expect Regulatory Actions on Gun Control…Buy Any Firearms Related Preps Still On Your List First (guns, magazines & ammunition):  The president has shown an increased penchant for executive orders and regulatory activities as an end run around Congressional gridlock.  Expect him to take these same approaches to curb 2nd Amendment freedoms now that there’s no future election that he has to win…unless of course he sets his sights on repealing the 22nd Amendment.  If you think that last bit is farfetched…maybe it is a little…but that’s what the people of Argentina thought until supporters of President Cristina Fernandez began floating the idea recently.  Don’t delay on this one, guns, magazines and ammunition supplies can dry up overnight due to panic buying…beat the panic…if properly stored none of this stuff goes bad anyway.  Many Prepography advertisers would be happy to help you or go to your local gun shop and order what you need.

For additional ideas read my article on the Top 10 Items to Buy Before The Election…it’s still not too late for these items.

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One Response to “Prepping Consequences of the Election”

  1. Irish-7 says:

    Good advice all around! I would add: Be careful where you get your news and information. The Main Stream Media has largely supported Obama from Day One, ignoring his faults and downplaying his mistakes. The Fox News Channel is the only network to address this travesty. I further agree it would be best to buy supplies now, as the potential for inflation, perhaps even hyperinflation would seriously diminish hopes of buying stuff later. There is already a run on guns, ammo and magazines. If you are lucky enough to have a source that still has weapon related material, buy whatever they have! Charge it, if you have to.

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