Prepping Isn’t for Doomsday

Prepping Isn’t for Doomsday

Those Pesky Mayans!


So much for the predictions of stone age peoples…next time maybe we should ask the ancient druids.

Seriously though…maybe there will be some good deals on preps like there were after the millennium scare as the fair-weather (maybe we should call them foul-weather) preppers dump their preps for pennies on the dollar.

Remember, prepping isn’t for doomsday…it’s for every day!

Keep on prepping,


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One Response to “Prepping Isn’t for Doomsday”

  1. John says:

    An asidem, I had time on my hands and watched one hour’s worth of the Japanese tsunami on You tube and If anyone feels any reservations about Prepping, the disaster will make one think. I’ve personally heard people say, “this is all I have, the clothing on my back.”

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