Prepping on $30 A Paycheck – Intro

Prepping on $30 A Paycheck – Intro

How “Prepping on $30 A Paycheck” Came About

Prepper Axiom # 1 – Change your mind and your tail will follow. (Cognitive)

The kernel of the idea that led to “Prepping on $30 A Paycheck” came from a conversation I was having with a co-worker one day.  He was not in to prepping  or self-sufficiency at the time.  He was interested in the topics of what I did on the weekend and after work. I could tell he had the makings of a convert. He just needed a little nudge, and some guidance. I finally asked him outright, “You are interested in prepping, why don’t you just do it.” His response was, “I don’t have a lot of disposable income; I can’t afford it”.

Oh man, my head hurts. Trying to wrap my mind around a statement like that, coming from someone who lives a comfortable middle-class lifestyle really pains me. OK, this is where I don’t want to be “that prepper guy”. I told him that it really does not take a lot of cash to start out. I laid down the number of $30 a pay-day (bi-weekly pay schedule), as a very realistic, and achievable goal to set aside for prepping. He was a little dubious on two accounts. First, he didn’t believe that anything substantial could be done for that amount. Secondly, he said that he would have a hard time coming up with $30 out of his paycheck. I gently pointed out that he spent way more than that over a two-week period eating out, going to the movies, and in wasted groceries. He begrudgingly conceded that point. I then pointed out that even though I spent more than $30 a paycheck now, when I started that number was it. If it didn’t fall within my budget, it didn’t happen. I put forth the proposition that if he would set aside $30 every payday, I would help him navigate the waters of becoming “prepared”. He mulled over what I had said, shook his head and said he would give it a try.

Prepper Axiom #2 – The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. (Cognitive)

Almost as soon as my co-worker said “OK”, “Prepping on $30 A Paycheck” got sidetracked. He started having marital problems, and was extremely distracted. It was obvious his heart wasn’t in to much except his problems.  Our little experiment wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I gave him support and kept working on him  I tried to get him in the right mindset. Things started to get back on track in his life, and he slowly came around.  He perked up and began getting in to the mindset of doing little things to be more prepared.  We discussed prepping on $30 a paycheck, again.  It seemed that it was back on. Then, he got another job and abruptly left. I haven’t heard from him since his departure. Still, before he left, I made him promise that he would continue trying to put himself in the right mind-set. He said he would, and added that he would continue adding items to his prep list as he went. I believe he would, as his outlook on his prep status was not as fatalistic as it was in the beginning.

So where does that leave us with prepping on $30 a paycheck? Well, basically, I don’t have a guinea pig. Honestly, there is no one in my life at this point in time that is at the place that they would be willing to take the steps towards preparedness and self-sufficiency it would entail. There are a couple of people who are almost ready; none that are ready, though. Being an “evangelical prepper”; that is some one who enthusiastically extolls the virtues of preparedness and self-sufficiency, I think it is necessary to move forward with the idea.  I hope that someone reading this would take it to heart. Take it to heart and take the first mental steps down a path that will lead them to a higher state of security from being prepared, and peace of mind from leading a more self-sufficient life-style.

So, in the interests of the community; that’s another FSP doctrine, I have decided to be my own guinea pig. I mean, why not? Why should I ask someone else to take my advice, if I am not willing to do it my self. Yes, I know I said I started out this way, but my methodology was scatter-shot at best. I honestly did not have a solid plan, even though I did a lot of reading in books, and on the web. I didn’t know any other people who felt like I did, outside of the internet. I also hadn’t met Andrew J. and didn’t know what FSP was. A good dose of hind-sight will allow me to put together a more comprehensive and detailed plan on how to go about prepping on $30 a paycheck.

I am going to start from square one, with the idea that I have nothing set aside. I will take my $30 and apply it as I would under those circumstances. I will detail my second journey as best I can. This is a serialized Prepography feature, so you would expect that I will be posting an article every two weeks; on my pay schedule. That may not happen, in fact I guarantee that it won’t, because I have some real life concerns. As I write this, deer season and the holidays will be coming up.  My time will be limited, somewhat. I will endeavour to stay on track best I cane with my purchases and postings.

Andrew’s Note:  We’ll set up an index page for this series in the near future so that it’s easy to keep up with Grumpy G’s preparedness odyssey.

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