Product Review of The Ultimate Preparedness Library

Product Review of The Ultimate Preparedness Library

It’s good to take your own advice on occasion… this past week I did something that was WAY overdue…I copied my digital preparedness library onto USB Flash Drives.

Even though I’ve been collecting information for several years I still find something new every now and then so I decided that while I was archiving my library I would see if any of my favorite sites had anything new to offer…that’s when I came across The Ultimate Preparedness Library.  I decided to take a risk (not a big one as they had a money back guarantee) and buy access to the library.

While I started off looking for a new book…what I ended up with was unlimited access to over a hundred digital titles (over 660MB) on numerous facets of preparedness and self reliance.  While I ended up with a few duplicate titles (from all those years of collecting on my own)…there were so many new titles that it was money well spent.

The Ultimate Preparedness Library is organized into 10 Categories (some books fall into multiple categories) including:

  • Food Preparedness
  • Survival Strategies
  • Defense: Self, Home, Property
  • Medical Emergencies and Prevention
  • Homesteading
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Home Building and Shelters
  • Woodwork, Metal Work, And Other Handy Skills
  • Military Field Manuals

The titles vary tremendously from info notes of 1 page to others that are hundreds of pages in length.  You can pull up the book you want to reference as you need it or (and I recommend) download each of the titles to your computer…don’t forget to copy to one or more USB Flash drives.  I did have to download each of the titles individually which took about a half hour and a lot of bandwidth but I ended up doubling the size of my preparedness library (even with the duplicates I identified) in one fell swoop!  My one recommendation to the head ‘Ultimate’ librarian is to develop a one-click tool for downloading the entire library.

The Ultimate Preparedness Library bills itself as “A Comprehensive Collection of Resources for Emergency Preparedness, Homesteading, & Living a Self Reliant Lifestyle” and I found that statement to be pretty accurate.  Oh, word of warning… the purchase page is a little overwhelming (lot of hype), but you’ll be pleased with your $29 purchase…and if you aren’t…they’ll give you your money back.  This product is perfect to jump-start or enhance your own digital preparedness library…I liked it so much I picked them up as an advertiser!

Examples of the types of information, Books & Military Manuals included are:

  • Astronomy
  • Beekeeping
  • Brewing & Wine Making
  • Communications
  • Composting
  • Construction of Shelters, Home & Farm Buildings
  • Economic Collapse Survival
  • First Aid & Medicine
  • Food Handling, Storage & Preservation
  • Foraging
  • Game Hunting, Trapping & Processing
  • Gardening
  • Herb Growing
  • Homesteading
  • Hunting
  • Map Reading
  • Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Protection & Survival
  • Organics
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sanitation
  • Special Operations Forces Manuals
  • Survival, Wilderness & Urban
  • Tactical Manuals
  • Tobacco (Growing through Manufacture)
  • Wood & Metal Working
  • Woodgas Conversions

One final piece of advise…don’t forget to save your preparedness library to your USB Flash Drives and put them in EMP & CME proof storage….but that’s a topic for a future article.

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  1. I’m always a little wary of massive volumes of info like this but you’re definitely correct about having a backup copy such as on usb.


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