The Protectionist Industry – Today’s Quote

The Protectionist Industry – Today’s Quote

This protectionist industry association (the American Society of Interior Designers) has engaged in a decades-long campaign to push licensing and titling laws for interior designers on several states. (Who else will save us from avocado appliances and bad feng shui?)

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Andrew’s Note:  Cosmetology licenses required for hair braiders, food handling licenses required for the little old ladies at the church bake sale, ride share exchanges being put out of business by the taxi concessions, $100,000 fines for fathers teaching their children how to start a small farming business and compliance requirements that preclude our friend P.I.G., a licensed broker dealer from exercising his freedom of speech.  It seems to me that licensing and certification laws and regulations began as a way to protect the public but have now become a mechanisms for industry associations to assure high prices and tools for petty tyrants.

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