Reddit Preppers Community

Reddit Preppers Community

Reddit LogoPrepography reader edheler has been kind enough to help me get much better acquainted with the Reddit Preppers Community where he’s one of the moderators.  It’s a rapidly growing group that currently has 2,719 subscribers.  That’s 2,719 people hitting the up arrow or the down arrow depending on whether they like or dislike a submitted article or comment…crowdsourced quality control!

It’s easy to submit an article as well, just click on the little alien face at the bottom of an article you like or copy the link into the submission field after going to Reddit and clicking on the ‘Submit a Link’ button (right side).

I belong to and lurk in a lot of online (and some not-so-online) preparedness ‘communities’ and Reddit is one of my favorites.  If you’ve seen the little alien head at the bottom of our articles than you already know how to get to Reddit.  You can also check out my Reddit page at AndrewJJackson.

I encourage you to check out the Reddit Preppers Community…you never know who you might meet!

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