Roger Reality – About Me

Roger Reality – About Me

My name is Roger, I like long walks on the beach, starry nights, warm kittens and the Holy vengeance brought forth on the enemy from the black bowels of the B-2 Spirit bomber! To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, “You had me at fire for effect!”

I have spent more than half a century in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t know, some of what I should know, a little of what I’d like to know. Time and tenacity have taught me to be proficient at a few things and passable about several others and the wisdom to tell the difference. My intellectual strengths lie in concepts, context, history and grasping the big picture.

I graduated from a middling Midwest university and found out that I was able to hold my own academically with Ivy League grads. I then did graduate work at Harvard University and Boston U. and the Command and Staff College and found out they deserve the reputation.

I have spent my entire adult life in service to this nation as a soldier, taxpayer, spy, gentleman farmer and crime fighter, complete with Justice League of America membership card signed by Superman himself (if that reference eludes you, your pop culture education is woefully lacking!). My interest in justice and crime control began at an early age, as the gift I wanted more than anything in the world when I was 5 was a genuine Batman utility belt! My views on law enforcement were colored more by Dirty Harry than Charlie’s Angels. I can tell you that CSI: Anywhere is complete CRAP!

I believe that there’s a reason that it’s called the “justice system” rather than the “fairness system”

I’ve worked on more than a hundred homicide cases and hundreds of other cases. I’ve waded through the sticky slime of rapists, perverts and predators; fathers who killed their wives and children and moms who killed their babies; retarded thieves and brilliant conmen; smugglers, dealers and dumbass users; arsonists, terrorists and spies.

I’ve had plenty of days where I needed more than a couple showers to feel fresh again.

I served in the military, both Active and Reserve for a total of 29 years. During that time I served with several genuinely remarkable people and those are the memories I’ll retain. I’ve commanded and followed.  I served three combat tours which cemented my belief in American Exceptionalism.  I’ve breathed air filled with “dry particulate matter” (dust) that was 15% dry human feces (I was afraid to ask what the other 85% was!)  I was deployed or away for the deaths and funerals of two grandparents, a child’s high school graduation, numerous birthdays, more holidays than I can begin to remember and untold school and personal “firsts”.  I’ve felt the fear from driving around hostile territory in a Land Cruiser with just a pistol under my leg but drove out the gate anyway.  I count the physical and psychological injuries I cope with as the price of duty.  ‘Selfless Service’ aren’t just hollow words!!

I’ve lived overseas, traveled to 20 countries and all 50 states.

I grew up poor but seldom felt it. I’ve seen widespread, abject poverty in my travels that should make the strident “poverty” zealots here red with shame for their stridency about the “exorbitantly wealthy” poor we coddle. Unfortunately, their stridency is usually rooted in self interest.

I am a LEGAL immigrant’s child, a son of someone who waited years for a visa to come to the Land of Opportunity and the grandson of THREE immigrants!  I love legal immigrants!  They are typically eager and appreciative for a generation or two before they often join the entitlement masses.

I’m a stupidity bigot, can’t tolerate it or those who are and never will!!

I strongly believe that there are things, people and ideas worth fighting for and in failing to win that fight, dying for!

I am a student of philosophy simply because personal philosophies (values) and societal philosophies (culture) are crucial in understanding behaviors. I am deeply spiritual and somewhat religious with views that tend toward the Calvinistic.

I am a father and grandfather and for that reason I am enraged at the dereliction of duty, malfeasance, and contemptible behavior of politicians of both parties by reckless and irresponsible pandering that has bankrupted the nation and threatens our way of life, safety and security.  Who by applying some pathological balm to themselves and the weak minded electorate validate the idea that the costs can and should be borne by our progeny!

I have been told by intelligent and thoughtful observers that my political views are slightly to the right of Attila the Hun’s.

I am the devoted husband to my best friend, a woman who has taught me a great deal about the human condition.  We share life at full speed, the ecstasy, the agony, patience, devotion, tolerance, ardor, pain and passion all compose our symphonic love!

As Renaissance cowboy Tim McGraw says, “I may be a real bad boy, but baby, I’m a real good man” TRUCK YEAH!


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