Make it a Ruger 50-22, The Ruger BX-25×2 Magazine

Make it a Ruger 50-22, The Ruger BX-25×2 Magazine

The Ruger 10-22 has been around since 1964 but I didn’t buy my first one until about 1980 when I talked my Mrs. Jackson into buying one for her favorite under-age son.  She still gives me a hard time about it periodically as the first thing I did was throw on a black nylon stock with a pistol grip and buy a 30 round banana magazine.  Mama Jackson is definitely from the ‘guns are bad’ side of rational thought and the more tacti-cool a gun looks the more evil they are in her eyes.

10/22 Magazine  25 Rd - 10/22 Bx- 25x2  50 Rd MagazineThe venerable 10-22 gets it’s name from the fact that it’s a .22 caliber longarm designed to feed from a 10 round magazine but why would anyone want to shoot from a 10 round magazine when there are 25 and 30 round magazines designed for the same weapon?  As I mentioned, after I purchased my first Ruger 10-22 I rushed right out and purchased a 30 round magazine…it kinda worked…sometimes.  Over the years I must have purchased every aftermarket magazine that came out for the 10-22…because 10 rounds just never seemed like enough.  None worked very well.  I think the reason they never worked is that the plastic lips of the magazine just didn’t seat as reliably as the metal lips on the factory original.

Finally, one day a year or two ago as I was walking through the PX I noticed a product on the shelf that looked almost familiar.  On closer inspection it turned out to be a new, Ruger produced 25 round magazine with metal lips just like Ruger’s 10 round magazine.  They aren’t cheap but I took a chance and bought two that day and boy was I happy with the result.  The Ruger 10-22 finally had the magazine it deserved and should now be called the Ruger 25-22.  The magazine was called the BX-25 and functioned flawlessly.

Walking through another PX the other day I noticed another new, but familiar package on the shelf…this time with a pair of factory original Ruger 25 round magazines permanently joined together.  Now I have a Ruger BX-25×2 magazine which makes my carbine a Ruger 50-22…squirrels and rabbits BEWARE!

Here’s how Ruger describes their new magazines:  High-quality Ruger factory magazines deliver optimal performance from your 10/22 short action rifle and long action rifle. Molded hard-polymer body stainless steel feed lips high-grade tempered spring steel spring help ensure reliable feeding and extra-long service life. BX-25 x 2 is a single magazine that holds a total of 50 rounds in two separate sections.  Magazine can simply be flipped once one side is depleted to shoot the remaining 25 rounds.  Mfg: Ruger Specs: Molded hard-polymer black.

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