Shared Responsibility Payment? – Today’s Quote

Shared Responsibility Payment? – Today’s Quote

Your 2014 tax return will ask if you had insurance coverage or qualified for an exemption.  If not, you may owe a shared responsibility payment when you file in 2015.

The Internal Revenue Service in Four-Tax-Facts-about-the-Health-Care-Law-for-Individuals

Andrew’s Note:  Doesn’t it sound so much better when they call it a “shared responsibility payment” instead of a TAX.  Americans For Tax Reform calls the term Orwellian and it makes you wonder what other shared responsibilities the legislative, executive and judicial branches will select for us next.  Can’t you just hear the rallying call of the founding fathers ‘shared responsibility payments without representation is treason!’  I think ‘shared responsibility payment’ will have to be the next entry in our Newspeak, A Modern Political Dictionary

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