Single Party Rule – Today’s Quote

Single Party Rule – Today’s Quote

Illinois voters have used many elections to make theirs the worst-governed state, with about $100 billion in unfunded public pension promises, and $6.7 billion in unpaid bills.

The state is a stark illustration of prolonged one-party rule conducted by politicians subservient to government employees unions.

A new Gallup poll shows that Illinois has the highest percentage — 50% — of residents who want to leave their state. If Illinois voters re-elect Gov. Pat Quinn, 65, they will reject Bruce Rauner, 58, who vows to change the state’s fundamental affliction — its political culture.

The state’s strongest civic tradition is of governors going to jail. Four of the last nine have done so.

Dr. George Will via Where the voters are left without a choice

Andrew’s Note:  My father is a wise man.  When I was young he taught me that one of the greatest gifts the founders gave us was government gridlock.  He said that the nation was best served when one party controlled the White House and the other controlled Congress.  I agree and we have cities like Chicago and Detroit to remind us what one party rule has in store for the U.S.

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