SurvivAMINO Product Review

SurvivAMINO Product Review

(Grumpy G’s disclaimer: I am not a doctor; just a cautious consumer. This article is not intended to impart any medical advice. The only recommendation I have that you should listen to 100% is this; before taking this product, or any other nutritional product for that matter, talk to a medical professional. If you do take it, and don’t feel right, chances are something isn’t. Stop taking it and, again, talk to a medical professional. Enjoy my SurvivAMINO Product Review.)

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What is SurvivAMINO?

SurvivAMINO is described as a “Tactical Protein Replacement for Survival”. VitalitySciences promotes it as being a substitute for heavier, bulkier protein items in your bug out bag, kit, or pack. SurvivAMINO provides this protein in the form of 8 essential amino acids in a small package. Instead of packing along heavier, bulkier food items you can replace each meal’s protein with just five little tablets of SurvivAMINO.

What you get when SurvivAMINO:

Each bottle of SurvivAMINO costs $45 ($39.99 with the Coupon Code Prepography) and contains 100 tablets of dietary supplements that contain essential amino acids as a protein replacement. You can also purchase by the 12 bottle case for $495 ($396 with Coupon Code), which is a little over a 9% discount before using the coupon code. Shipping is free in the continental US. Per the usage instructions, the 100 tablets represent 20 servings, or basically a weeks’ worth of protein replacement. VitalitySciences is very clear on their website that this product is meant to replace protein only, and not whole foods. In other words, you cannot replace all food with SurvivAMINO and expect to stay healthy. Instead, you can carry your protein in a compact, lightweight form. In fact, the supplement comes in a standard vitamin style bottle and weighs just a quarter what a similar amount of protein from pemmican or a 1/20th as much as the same amount of protein from canned meat would weight.

SurvivAMINO Website:

VitalitySciences provides a handy website where the consumer can purchase and learn more about SurvivAMINO. The website includes:

  • Testimonials from various athletes and preppers
  • FAQ Section
  • Amino Acid Facts: A quick and dirty rundown on what amino acids are, and why they are important.
  • Blog: Features nutrition articles and interviews/profiles of athletes from multiple disciplines.

All in all, the website is well put together, and easy to use.

Why Protein and Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are Important:

At this point, I’m going to change gears are talk about proteins and EAAs. Protein is an essential nutrient which helps form the structural component of body tissues and is used within many biological processes. For example, protein is used to make enzymes, antibodies to help us fight infection as well as DNA. It is also needed to make up muscle tissue, which in turn helps to keep our bodies active, strong, and healthy. Most protein is stored in the body as muscle, generally accounting for around 40-45% of our body’s total mass. If you increase activity, perhaps to improve health, fitness, or body composition, you will need more protein to function. The same can be said about elevated activity during and emergency situations, or bug out and get home situations. Protein in your diet will also help alleviate feelings of hunger. The body cannot use protein taken from food until it is broken down into amino acids. There are 20 to 21 amino acids (depending on what you read) which can be arranged in a myriad of ways to create the proteins the body needs to survive. Essential amino acids are “essential” not because they are more important for protein than the others, but because the body cannot synthesize them. They must be supplied by an outside source. The symptoms of essential amino acid deficiencies manifest themselves as nervousness, exhaustion and dizziness.

The SurvivAMINO Plan:

VitalitySciences intends for their product to be a replacement for protein in one’s preparations. Again, their website is very clear that this is not meant to be a replacement for all food; rather it is meant to replace just the protein containing foods one would normally consume. The website points out that SurvivAMINO is good choice for emergency kits; which I take to mean bug out or 72 hour bags even though there is a weeks’ worth of nutrition in each bottle. Amino acid absorption is a little beyond the scope of this article but the manufacturer claims that their superior sourcing enables the amino acids in SurvivAMINO to be better absorbed which will provide performance.

Testing Methodology:

I am not a dietician, nor am I a high level athlete. However, through past military and sports training I do know how my body reacts and how I feel when my diet is out of whack. I used SurvivAMINO as a replacement for protein in my diet twice a day for 5 days. That’s half a bottle for anyone not paying attention. Honestly, I was not looking forward to the testing process as I do like my proteins, especially when they are grilled or smoked. This was actually a prime time for me to test the product, as I am currently on a Weight Watchers plan. I diligently log my food intake daily and my weight several times a week. I am much, more in tune with my body’s nutrition than I have been in years. I also have access to professional clinical nutritional dietitians through work, and I planned on taking the product to them to get their feedback. In addition to the dietitians, I wanted to speak to some Boy Scout leader friends who have extensive experience long distant backpacking to get their thoughts on it, as well. Finally, SurvivAMINO tries to set itself apart with the claim that it is superior in grade than their competitors, so I asked VitalitySciences; via the “Contact Us” feature on its website, if it had any independent verification of that claim.

Results and Conclusions:

I took SurvivAMINO as directed; taking 5 tablets for lunch and dinner, each, while cutting out as much other protein as I could. During the testing, my daily intake of protein, beforeSurvivAMINO was only about 10 grams daily. The recommended daily protein intake for an adult meal is around 56 grams. At the end of the week, I felt none the worse. The first day I did have a stomach ache after taking the tablets. Realistically, that can be attributed to an empty stomach (more on that later) and not the tablets. I thought I would feel the effects from lack of protein intake, but I didn’t. For the last 4-5 weeks my weight loss had been averaging .285 Lbs per day on Weight Watchers. I lost a total of 4 Lbs during the testing period for an average of .8 Lbs per day. The weight loss was not unexpected; I was surprised at how much it was, though. I did not decrease any other food intake during the test period, except the protein. I did replace the lost fats in the meat with olive oil.  It makes me wonder how much weight you would lose in a real life emergency over the same period, with increased stress, increased activity and reduced rations.

The professional clinical nutritional dietitians I discussed SurvivAMINO with were dubious about the product when I took it to them.  They weren’t keen on replacing meats, fish, nuts, and other protein rich foods with an amino acid supplement. They said that they would have liked to have seen more detailed nutritional info on it than what was provided, as well. They did say though, that no nutritional harm would come from using the product as directed over a short period; say 2-3 days. In fact, the only thing they said they would change in that instance would be the dosage instructions. They suggested that instead of taking 5 tablets per meal, you should eat the same amount of tablets, but stretch your intake over the course of the day. The reason for this change, they explained, is that they felt the body would do a better job of absorbing and using the amino acids through more frequent and smaller doses. They also suggested incorporating multi-vitamins into the plan as well. This is because as you cut protein containing foods out of your diet you are also losing what vitamins and minerals they contain, as well.

The Scout leaders I talked with had a different take on SurvivAMINO. They liked the idea of being able to drop weight from their packs, and still have the nutritional value the product could provide. However, for holistic reasons, they were hesitant about replacing meals with tablets. They made the point that the act of eating is a huge component of the human psyche, and that eating, especially food high in protein, is very comforting and satisfying. They pointed out that this is especially true after an arduous or stressful experience. They wondered what the effects on moral would be if that experience was reduced through replacement by supplements. Additionally, they pointed out that an empty stomach (remember my stomach aches the first day?) can be more detrimental to one’s moral than the discomfort of carrying around the extra weight in food. They pointed out that at least the weight would decrease as the days pass. They did say that in an emergency situation SurvivAMINO would be better than nothing, but suggested that they would use SurvivAMINO it as a supplement to their more traditional protein intake and not a total replacement. At the time of posting, I am still waiting to hear back from VitalitySciences on my inquiry about independent verification of the higher quality of their product. I haven’t heard anything back, thus far. If I do get a response, I will make sure to update this article.


  • SurvivAMINO as a product: I have no complaints about the actual product. As far as supplements go, it’s one of the better performing ones I’ve used. The ill effects I expected from not taking in as much protein never manifested, like I thought they would. Also, I really like the fact that it comes in tablet form and not encapsulated or powdered; they are much easier to use.
  • SurvivAMINO‘s price: At $45 ($39.99 if using our Coupon Code) a bottle the price still seems a bit steep to me. There are dozens of competing products in the dietary supplement market that are cheaper. This may be a case of you get what you pay for, though. As noted, this is one of the better supplements I’ve used. Whether the cost is worth it is up to you.
  • SurvivAMINO‘s claims of quality: The dietary supplement market is unregulated by the FDA; hence the FDA statement on SurvivAMINO’s bottle. Manufacturers can make almost any claim they want, and it is up to the consumer to verify them. While they do have quite a few quality endorsements on their website, I am still waiting for independent verification of the higher quality of their product and/or manufacturing process.
  • SurvivAMINO‘s plan: As an emergency or short-term plan, SurvivAMINO does fit the bill as a compact, lightweight protein replacement. All the concerns that were raised by people I talked to were about the idea of completely replacing protein containing foods with a supplement, and using it as such for any longer than 2-3 days.

In the end, I would use SurvivAMINO in real world application. However, I would use it as a supplement, rather than a total protein replacement. I would pack it, along with some form of whole food protein. The extra weight would be negligible and it would be a great way to stretch what heavier protein I carry. Carrying SurvivAMINO would increase the time frame in which I could keep my body fueled, therefore increasing my chances of survival. In fact, I wouldn’t ‘pack’ SurvivAMINO, I would actually carry it on my body along with other essential essentials. That way, if had to dump my gear, I would still have my protein replacement on me.

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