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Andrew’s Note:  Don’t dismiss this information on surviving a nuclear accident as farfetched…I was serving in Egypt months after and thousands of miles away from the Chernobyl, Ukraine meltdown in 1986 and we had a radiation injury in our public affairs office (PAO) when our PAO team (Military journalists) went out to cover a story on a migratory bird die off…guess where the birds had just migrated through.

How far do you live from a facility that’s the next Chernobyl, Fukushima or Three Mile Island?  Nuclear proponents argue that nuclear energy is safe and it mostly is but human and (multiple) mechanical errors occur and for some reason we build these plants on rivers that flood, coasts that receive tsunamis and right on top of earthquake faults.

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2 Responses to “Surviving A Nuclear Accident Infographic”

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The problem would seem to be that if you have electricity and water and can use your car then you are in a more “normal” situation and hardly a nuclear holocaust. But if you find yourself in a real nuclear holocaust the electric and water won’t work, the car won’t run or there will be no place to go and your windows and doors will likely not be intact and simply surviving the situation never mind the fallout may be impossible. I understand the advice and it isn’t unreasonable but it fails in the most important way. That is: in a real nuclear holocaust you will probably die either immediately or in a few weeks or months. Most of the recommendations on this list will be impossible and no worries because they would be ineffectual as well. If you live past the first year you will probably absorb enough radiation to kill you within 5-10 years. OR you will be lucky and outside of the majority of the fallout and these measures won’t be important anyway.

    • admin says:

      The term ‘holocaust’ is catastrophizing to be sure but nuclear accident is survivable depending on distance and exposure. Consider how small the island of Japan is and life goes on in much of Japan despite the Fukushima disaster.

      I still remember in U.S. Army Basic Training the lessons they taught us to survive a nuclear blast when you were out in the open…of course they never told us how long we were likely to survive for and wanted to get those last ~3 days of fighting out of us in the event of Soviet tactical nukes going off in the Fulda Gap.

      Never assume it’s the end. Keep fighting to survive as long as you have breath in the body.

      Final thought…the solution to pollution is dillution!


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