Cyberthreat, Cybersecurity and the Cyber Future

Andrew’s Note: Today we return to our crystal ball…or at least the closest thing that the Department of Defense (DOD) has to it…namely the Joint Operating Environment (JOE) 2010. The JOE is the DOD’s keystone document used to project the world in which it will operate up to 25 years into the future.  As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s a sobering read for the prepper and likely to turn the non-prepper into one.  Read on to learn what the Department of Defense thinks about our Cyber future, the Cyber Threat and Cybersecurity (highlights are emphasis I added):


The pace of technological change is accelerating exponentially. If the pace of technological advancement continues, greater change will occur over the next twenty years than occurred in the whole of the Twentieth century. The key will be the use to which these technologies are put. In many ways the world of 2030 could appear nearly as strange to us today as the world of 2000 would have to an observer from 1900.

The advances in communication and information technologies will significantly improve the capabilities of the Joint Force. Global information networks enabled by wireless and broadband technologies will link deployed forces to supporting assets at home. Deployed forces will be able routinely to access analysis, research, computation and planning capabilities located outside the theater. Joint forces will conduct globally-ranging cyber warfare, either as independent operations or in support of deployed units, manipulating or overwhelming adversary systems. The creation of virtual models of potential operational areas will allow the Joint Force to train and plan for those environments. Much as flight simulators allow pilots to refine flight skills, immersive training environments could allow future joint forces to practice key operational tasks.

Cyberspace permeates nearly every aspect of societies from personal computers and cell phones to networked transportation and inventory systems. Our society’s very way of life has come to depend fundamentally on the use of cyberspace. In much the same way that we depend on our highways and the oceans, we rely on networks pieced together through the electromagnetic spectrum to conduct business, purchase goods, entertain ourselves, and run our basic utilities. Our ability to maneuver freely in cyberspace amplifies all instruments of national power. In fact, our ability to maneuver in cyberspace is an emerging instrument of power itself.

Many of those same advances also will be available to America’s opponents, who will use them to attack, degrade, and disrupt communications and the flow of information. It is also essential that the Joint Force be capable of functioning in a hostile information environment, so as not to create an Achilles’ heel by becoming too network dependent. (more…)

REALITY CHECK Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present another commentary in Roger’s REALITY CHECK series.  This time Roger takes on the current frenzy over Presidential Candidate’s Mitt Romney’s recently released comments regarding The 47%.  Enjoy your REALITY CHECK, Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps!

This is not a political website!  [AJJ’s Note:  Maybe a little bit when it comes to assaults on Individual Liberty]  Its purpose is to educate, communicate and facilitate the process of personal preparation for disaster and build self-reliance.  However, one of the highest probability and greatest threats likely to cause The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) comes directly from the political realm!  I have discussed taxation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Dependence, and the national debt-saster, in previous posts.  I, like a sizable majority of Americans, feel the country is “headed in the wrong direction” and that is a direct result of the actions and inactions of politicians.  Thus, I will Reality Check various partisan political topics from time to time.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been sodomized for committing the politically mortal sin of telling the truth during a private political event in which he stated that he felt 47% of Americans would be disinclined to support him because they pay no federal income taxes and/or receive a federal stipend of some kind under the current administration. Romney had the temerity to openly and accurately discuss the taxation and dependency realities of our country!!  He then had the gall to stand by his statements and beliefs rather than blubber about how he didn’t mean it and feels horrible about it!!  No one, expects his “honesty attack” to catch on with other politicians and, in fact, this condition is likely to prove terminal for him.  What it has done is to provide counter-battery fire, a return salvo, to the drooling mutants making up the Occupy Movement and their successful ‘1%’ attack. (more…)

The Intellectual Prepper Paradigm

Andrew’s Note:  Today’s article is on the creating an Intellectual Prepper Paradigm and having the intellectual honesty to face your own blind spots so that you can think clearly and take care of yourself and your family.

At a dinner with my daughters a few years ago I posed a question to them to assess their knowledge of the world, their education and world outlook…I already knew how intelligent they are.  The question I asked them is:

Are all cultures equally valid? (more…)

Andrew’s Top 10 Preparedness Websites

While I’m kind of partial to Prepography…there are a number of other preparedness related websites out there worth checking out as well.  Here are my current Top 10 Favorite Preparedness Websites:

  1. reThinkSurvival:  A great preparedness site written out of the Midwest.  The publisher is a heck of a nice guy I’ve corresponded with several times, great content and he offers a free e-book he’s written to subscribers.
  2. SHTF Plan:  Probably my favorite site these days.  New content every day in an easy to read format.
  3. Prep-Blog:  Nice site written by a couple of bi-coastal buddies.  I like the clean look of the site and the articles are written from a ‘exploratory’ perspective.  It’s almost as if you’re reading one side of a discussion and you are free to chime in to keep the talk going.
  4. Modern Survival Online:  A great, common sense preparedness site run by a nice guy named Rourke.
  5. SouthernPrepper1:  YouTube Site of a former U.S. Army Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer.  His scenario videos I find especially compelling as it puts you through a mental rehearsal for a world a lot different than we enjoy today.  The site’s ‘star’ has a preparedness consulting business in the Carolinas with Engineer 775. (more…)

Today’s Top 10 Prepping Motivators

September is Preparedness Month.  Here are 10 headlines from the past few days on diverse topics to help keep you focused on your prepping:

  1. Yosemite doubles scope of hantavirus warning to 22,000; third death confirmed:  Many diseases including hantavirus can be prevented through proper pest control and sanitation (personal and environmental).  Stock what you need and know what to do.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) information on preventing hantavirus can be found here.
  2. Drug shortages down overall, but some linger longer:  Stocking the medicines your family needs to stay healthy is important for both mundane ‘drug shortages’ as well as societal upsets that could potentially break down the medical or drug distribution systems.  Make sure you stockpile legally by talking with your doctor or hiring a new one like Dr. Bob Olson.  Until recently Dr. Olson conducted his consultations by telephone to help preppers safely and knowledgeably stockpile critical medications.  The State of Missouri actually changed its law to close down Dr. Olson’s tele-practice.  You can still visit him in person or find a like-minded medical provider in your area.
  3. Rescuers told to keep at it after China quake kills 80:  Nature’s fury can strike anywhere at any time.  Keep on prepping and if you want to see a map showing 2.5 Magnitude or greater quakes for the last week…check out this map at the U.S. Geological Survey (as of this writing the earthquake map looks a lot like the Pacific’s Ring of Fire…it usually does).
  4. Yet another pig flu virus infects peopleZoonotic diseases (capable of cross species transmission) aren’t just creepy…they’re also scary because of their ability to mutate.  We wrote about this particular flu strain earlier this summer in Beware the Fair. (more…)

Making a Sling From a Triangular Bandage Infographic

Making a Sling from a Triangular Bandage

Source: (more…)

Using a Watch to Determine North/South Infographic

Using a Watch To Determine North / SouthNorthern Hemisphere. Point hour hand at the sun:  South is halfway between the hour hand and 12 o’clock position.

Southern Hemisphere. Point the 12 o’clock position on your watch at the sun. North is halfway between the 12 o’clock position and the hour hand

Note:  Digital watches. Visualize a clock face on the watch.


Franklin on Ignorance- Today’s Quote

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Top 10 Free Steps to Preparedness

Preparedness discussions often seem to devolve into what another preparedness writer describes as “beans, bullets & bandaids”…the ‘stuff’ of preparedness.  However, your most important preparedness resources are the knowledge, skills, readiness and the confidence you develop as you become more self-reliant.  You can enhance and develop these traits without spending any money if you are a little creative and put your mind to it.

The Top 10 Free Steps to Preparedness are:

  1. Leverage training you receive or can volunteer for at work.  For example: as a soldier I’m fortunate enough to receive regular training in first aid; my father attended Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training as a Naval Aviator; Abigail (daughter #2) received Cardiopulmonary Respiration (CPR) training as part of her training for an after school job at a daycare; Sparky (daughter #3) received trained in food safety by her summer job at a restaurant; and a good friend received training from his police department in order to assist homeowners with improving household security.  Not only is this training that’s free (to you), but it may make you more valuable to your employer.
  2. Leverage training you receive through your volunteer activities.  For example: a friend from church received training in how to respond to active shooter situations; a ham (amateur radio operator) friend participated in a disaster preparedness exercise supplying emergency communication;  a number of friends and relatives have become volunteer firemen and received training in first aid (including EMT training), equipment operation, extractions, and of course…firefighting.  Seek ways to give back to your community and connect with like-minded people while developing your knowledge and skills.
  3. Couponing.  Using coupons to build your preparedness supplies isn’t just free…it pays you in the money you saved (assuming you were going to prepare anyway).  For those of you who don’t think this is a skill…trust me…when Rachel (my better half) gets into her couponing groove she can reduce the cost of a cart of groceries by 30%-50%…and I’ve seen her walk out of Walgreen and CVS stores with sacks of goods and money in her pocket.  A note of couponing food…it’s almost always for heavily processed foodstuffs…not the healthy stuff but it keeps.
  4. Exercise.  You don’t have to join a gym or buy fancy home workout gear.  Start with going for a walk, doing that yard work yourself instead of paying someone to do it (see more money in your pocket) or helping a friend move.  At one of my old military units the junior officers were all into CrossfitCrossfit replicates a lot of the types of exercise human beings used to do as a part of daily living like chopping wood…or you could just go chop wood.  A side benefit of regular exercise is that it enables you to deal more effectively with stressful events.
  5. Rediscover a preparedness related hobby.  I used to enjoy fishing but haven’t done it in years.  I already have all the gear and plenty of places to fish…all I’ve got to do is get started again.  Yes, you may need…a fishing license (maybe not if you’re military or a senior citizen) or bait if you don’t use flies and lures… but you can recover that in the fish you put on the dinner table.  There are other benefits of hobbies as well…they’ll connect you with like-minded folks if you put a little effort into it.  Think about what you used to enjoy and make time for it again. (more…)

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