Required Reading – When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

In yesterday’s article, Roger Reality discussed Preparing For The National Debt-saster.  Author and former Navy SEAL, Matt Bracken in his article “When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence” provides us with an example of how civil unrest could result from the government’s inability to pay the entitlements that many have come to expect.  His excellent analysis matches what we’ve seen in other multi-cultural societies when times get tough, people ‘gang’ up with those of similar ethnicity, religion, social standing, etc. and it becomes ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ Yugoslavia and Iraq are two great examples where multi-cultural societies lived peacefully with each other for decades (as long as you weren’t Kurdish in Iraq), intermarried, worked together, etc…then when a situation or faction lights the fuse everyone runs to their racial/religious/social corners…gets together and comes out fighting.

If anything I think that Bracken’s article understates the dangers represented from rioting groups who will have many of their own veterans of conflict as well as the potential for manipulation by criminal organizations (street gangs, motorcycle gangs, etc.).  There are an estimated 1.4 million gang members in the U.S.

His article should be required reading for every prepper.  Check it out at When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence.

REALITY CHECK Welfare and the Hierarchy of Dependence

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present another article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  This article expands on Roger’s concept of “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependence and deals with the current political dialog about ‘welfare’ and ‘welfare reform.’  Stay tuned to for future articles where we expand the discussion of the Hierarchy of Dependency to include ‘corporate welfare’ as well as other wealth redistribution schemes.  Enjoy.

"Maslow's" Hierarchy of Dependence with fill backgroundThere has been a quick and heated eruption of vitriol between President Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, concerning “welfare reform”.  Obama, the Democrats, and many others trumpet the “success” of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 claiming that those on “welfare” have been reduced by two-thirds and spending reduced by half.  These figures are accurate BUT apply to only a single “program” that was and is considered “welfare” by the Communists/Socialists/Collectivists/Obamaists.  Spending on what was called Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) was $22.4 BILLION in 1996 and was renamed Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) which cost taxpayers a mere $9.6 BILLION in 2011.  The Reality is that this does not begin to demonstrate the actual level of “welfare” in this country!  Welfare is and always will coercively extract money from some and give it to others in some form or another.  Hence, the Heritage Foundation identifies 69 separate Federal “programs” that do exactly that at an unimaginable cost of $695 BILLION in 2011.  The most bloated of these welfare programs were the cornerstone of “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependence, Food Stamps, and Medicaid, with 46.5 MILLION and 52.6 MILLION “participants”, as they are carefully called by the bureaucrats and media.  Their “participation” consists of using money forcibly extracted from others.  There can be little doubt that when it comes to spending other people’s hard earned money, these are VERY willing and eager “participants” indeed!  So when you next hear or read some posturing windbag talk about “welfare reform” and how much “spending is down” please recognize that the Reality is what they classify as welfare and are talking about constitutes slightly more than ONE PERCENT (.013) of the gargantuan SPENDING on those “programs” that make up Real welfare!!

That’s your Reality Check!!


Here’s the “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependency Graphic You Asked For

"Maslow's" Hierarchy of Dependence with fill backgroundI’ve received a number of requests for an e-mailable copy of the Hierarchy of Dependence Graphic from Roger Reality’s recent article, Reality Check:  The “Farm Bill” as Cornerstone to “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependency.  Here you go!  Click on the graphic to view full size and copy/paste into your e-mails.

Roger’s premise is certainly intriguing.  He’s proposed that just like there is a hierarchy of needs that a person must pass through to reach higher levels of fulfillment…there is a hierarchy of needs fulfillment that allows individuals and societies to be bribed/lured into tyranny.

To read all of Roger Reality’s articles, click HERE.

Andrew J. Jackson

REALITY CHECK The “Farm Bill” as Cornerstone to “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependency

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present the third article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  Enjoy.

There has been a great deal more attention paid to the so-called “Farm Bill” this year because of the historic drought currently plaguing two-thirds of the nation. The urge and actual need to “help the farmers” is what the moniker promises but what it has and will deliver is quite simply the single most destructive element to self reliance, self respect and success in the litany of Socialist programs whose design and implementation create dependency.  Just as famed psychologist Abraham Maslow described all human needs in a hierarchy that necessitated each building upon the preceding “level”, so to has the United States created a Hierarchy of Dependency in which each insidious “level” further and further corrodes self reliance, independence, liberty, competence and success.

The “Farm Bill” is actually an omnibus federal spending bill passed every 5 years to address numerous aspects of the US Department of Agriculture’s mission, including agricultural research, farm credit, crop insurance, conservation, commodity support, etc.  The current bill is actually called the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 and was budgeted at $288 BILLION.  The bill currently being considered and already passed by the Senate is called euphemistically, the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012.  It has a staggering price tag of $969 BILLION or roughly one TRILLION dollars over its life!!   (more…)

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