Building a Bug Out Bag – Part IX, Personal Health, Fitness & Medical Preparedness

This entry is part 9 of 11 in the series Building A Full Spectrum Preparedness Bug Out Bag

In Building a Bug Out Bag Part I we discussed why building a Bug Out Bag is important and what type of bag to select.  In Part II we discussed the Transportation Items to consider, in Part III it was Water preparedness, in Part IV it was Food preparedness, in Part V we tackled Shelter, Clothing and Protection from the elements, in Part VI we considered Communications options, in Part VII we discussed Security Preparedness and in Part VIII we explored Financial & Identity preparedness for your Bug Out Bag.  Today we’ll discuss Personal Health, Fitness and Medical preparedness and Bug Out Bag elements to consider.  Remember, this is your last ditch, carry on your back, walk away from trouble Bug Out Bag…not what you hope you can get to your bug out location if your car, SUV, or Ford Falcon Coupe/Interceptor makes it.


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