Disaster Preparedness – Today’s Quote

We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness.

Tsunami Survivor Petra Nemcova

Hurricane Sandy Updates

Keep up to date on Hurricane Sandy with these government and media Hurricane Sandy feeds:

BBC Hurricane Sandy Update Page

Google Crisismap for Sandy:  You can depict active shelter locations, storm surge forecasting, storm track forecasting, webcams, public alerts, hurricane evacuation routes and traffic conditions

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration StormCentral 2012:  Sandy

The Weather Channel Hurricane Tracker:  Sandy


News to Know

Situational awareness is a key element of survival and today, situational awareness must be global.  Today we present news to know from the past week (or so) with a dab of commentary:

Security Threat News:

An electromagnetic pulse attack — the ‘other’ Iranian nuclear threat:  EMP is a game changer…a nuclear strike on a major city could be less damaging to the U.S. than a well executed EMP attack on the homeland in terms of lives lost and property damage and financial loss.

Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S.

al-Qaeda-linked group could have advanced weapons after joining Syria rebels in seizing missile defence base: 
Iran Strikes Back:  Iranian cyberattack on the U.S. financial system.  Let’s face it folks, we’re now in a perpetual state of war even when we pull out of Afghanistan.

Enter At Your Own Risk: Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors:  How did Detroit get here…read this excellent article by Porter Stansberry…there but for the grace of God go the rest of U.S.

Ripped From The Pages of An Ian Fleming Novel:

The Danish agent, the Croatian blonde and the CIA plot to get al-Awlaki:  You just couldn’t make this stuff up! (more…)

Nature’s Fury, Natural Disasters Today

A few stories involving Nature’s Fury currently in the news…Earthquakes & Droughts & Hurricanes & Typhoons, oh my!

 Earthquake Swarm

“A swarm” of several hundred earthquakes, the strongest measuring a 5.5 magnitude, were centered east of San Diego near California’s border with Mexico on Sunday afternoon but caused little damage, seismologists said.

Sunday’s shaking in Southern California’s Imperial Valley was the most activity recorded there since the 1970s, according to U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Johnson.

“We are having a swarm,” Johnson said. “We expect thousands of events (like this) over several days.”

via CNN


The insurance industry faces its biggest ever loss in agriculture as the worst drought to hit the US in more than half a century devastates the country’s multibillion-dollar corn and soybean crops, triggering large claims.

…Agricultural economists at the University of Illinois estimate the drought will trigger this year gross indemnities of roughly $30bn, with an underwriting loss of $18bn. Of that, the US government would shoulder around $14bn, while private sector insurers are likely to face a loss of $4bn, they said. Standard & Poor’s, the rating agency, put the losses of the private sector a notch higher at $5bn.

“The US drought is indeed a ‘catastrophic’ event,” Gregory W Locraft, insurance analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York, wrote in a recent note to clients, adding that it “is likely the largest [insurance] crop loss in history.”

via CNN


‘Monster Drought’ & Food Prices

Record heat across the country this week could lead to record drought…

Already the U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting that food prices will rise by as much as 3.5 percent starting later this year and into 2013… beef prices will rise as much as 10 percent…

…Already, the corn crop is down 20 percent from last year and the concern is that it will deteriorate to match the 1988 “monster drought” losses of 30 percent…As much as 75 percent of the food products in grocery stores use corn as a key ingredient.via Record Heat Could Lead to ‘Monster Drought’ – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com.

A well stocked pantry isn’t just prudent…it’s a hedge against increased food prices.  Additionally, remember that drought pricing isn’t the only price pressure on foodstuffs…there will likely also be inflation caused by the expected next round of Qualitative Easing (digital money printing).


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