We’ve received a lot of attention for are article Ammo Saver Pouches suggested by Prepography reader KAW71.  One of the e-mails I fielded was from the editor of the new website, PreppersPlanet.  It”s worth a look…check it out.



Prepography Firearms Editor

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to an old friend of mine who will be known in these pages as Infidel.  Infidel has volunteered to be Prepography‘s primary firearms editor and unlike many writers and interviewees in the security arena, Infidel is the survivor of a number of lethal and potentially lethal engagements. (more…)

The Ready Store’s Children’s Charity

The Ready StoreReceived the following note from Prepography Advertiser The Ready Store where they’ve been donating a can of food to children’s charities for every can of storage food they sell.  Congratulations to The Ready Store and keep up the good works!

“We just wanted to drop a quick note wishing you and yours a merry Christmas! We are constantly amazed by our wonderful customers and want to thank you for the great generosity in participating in our Can-for-Can Program. With your help, you’ve donated an estimated 40,000 meals for hungry children across the globe!”

The prepper movement gets a bad rap sometimes from the ill informed who sometimes call us ‘selfish‘ and think that we’re only interested in ourselves…but I’ve found preppers and the businesses that cater to them to be extremely generous in every way imaginable.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

Prepping Isn’t for Doomsday

Those Pesky Mayans!


So much for the predictions of stone age peoples…next time maybe we should ask the ancient druids.

Seriously though…maybe there will be some good deals on preps like there were after the millennium scare as the fair-weather (maybe we should call them foul-weather) preppers dump their preps for pennies on the dollar.

Remember, prepping isn’t for doomsday…it’s for every day!

Keep on prepping,


Advertiser Announcements

The holiday special includes Free Lifesource Meals; a Free Stove; and Free Shipping on all orders over $1,000 while supplies last!

Today through December 31st, Lifelock is offering a 30-Day Free Trial of Any LifeLock Service and 15% Off30-Day Free Trial + 15% Off Site-Wide at

The Ready Store is teaming up with the Stop Hunger Now Organization.  For every can of food you purchase, they”ll donate a can to feed a child in need this Christmas!

Firearm Discussions Insensitive?

I’ve received several comments from Prepography readers regarding the ‘insensitivity’ of including firearms and firearm accessories in my Prepper Days of Christmas series.  These readers believe that in light of the recent murders in Connecticut that were perpetrated using firearms I should refrain from discussing firearms for a period of time.  I understand that for many people firearms are a very emotional subject but will remind my readers that my articles related to firearms only discuss firearms that are legally acquired and legally used. Prepography‘s discussions of legal firearms have the same relationship to stolen firearms used as murder weapons, possessed illegally (due to the accused perpetrator’s age), transported illegally (transportation permit is required for handguns in Connecticut) and a firearm that is possibly in violation of Connecticut’s assault weapons ban as a car article in Motor Trend Magazine does to the 88.67 people killed daily in auto accidents in the US… i.e. NONE.

I remind all Prepography readers regularly to keep it legal, keep it safe and take control of their own self defense.  It’s a sad fact that the places we are most vulnerable are the very places that prohibit the law abiding from defending themselves.  Criminals and the mentally deranged are unwilling to follow laws the rest of us have agreed to abide by.

Prepography‘s mission is to help it’s readers become safer, better prepared and more self reliant, we’ll keep focusing on that…for those wishing to politicize the suffering surrounding this tragedy I direct you to, International firearms injury prevention and policy which reports that in 2009 (the most recent year that data is available) the U.S. had a firearm related homicide rate of  .00298%, the lowest in 10 years during which the U.S. experienced its greatest firearms law liberalization in history.  It’s counter intuitive, but the presence or potential presence of legal, licensed firearms in the hands of the law abiding decreases gun violence.

In the coming weeks and months we will likely have a national dialog on criminality, mental illness, physical security for our most vulnerable citizens and the role of firearms in our society but for today I will continue to pray for the families and communities involved in this recent tragedy…I encourage you to as well.

Welcome New and Returning Subscribers

WOW!  What a difference 48 hours makes.  I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to new and returning subscribers!  Since the introduction of Prepography‘s Doctrine of Full Spectrum Preparedness we’ve had more than a 15% growth in e-mail and RSS subscriptions.  If you’re not currently subscribed by e-mail or RSS I encourage you to do so using the links at the top left side of this page.

Since we have so many new subscribers I thought I’d step back a moment to introduce Prepography and some of our features.  Simply put, we are a self reliance and preparedness site.  We believe that prudent preparation will allow us to thrive or at least survive major life or societal change.  We encourage you to prepare for disasters, both little and big; both personal and regional or societal.  We believe that preparedness is the only rational response to an awareness of the current world situation and even a cursory study of history.  Read more on our Why Prep Page.

Because we encourage self reliance on an individual, local, regional, and national scale we provide commentary on society as well as government actions and initiatives.  There’s nothing wrong with outside connections and ties…just don’t bet your life on them.  Politics…don’t see much difference between the parties and we’re critical of both when they attack liberties, encourage dependence or try to spend our great-grandkids future income.

Additionally, we don’t believe in conspiracy theories…because we know that people generally aren’t very good at keep secrets… and secrets are required for effective conspiracies.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t movements and mechanisms at work that would hurt our Republic… just that we can abandon our tinfoil hats and focus on the numerous real threats to our security and self reliance.

We have several regular features and columnists:

  • Jay…just Jay writes articles that often feature the lighter side of prepping
  • Roger Reality provides a periodic “Reality Check” by challenging conventional wisdom and established government policies with a heavy dose of analysis
  • In addition to editing, yours truly writes several features.  A few of these are:
    • Top 10 Lists
    • It’s Not This, It’s That:  Looking at things and situations from the Prepper’s viewpoint
    • Reviews on products, books and movies
    • Government Gone Wild, There Shouldn’t Be A Law and Your Tax $:  Direct from the news…you couldn’t make this stuff up
    • Military Pedagogy:  Learning from and adapting military tools, techniques, and procedures for preppers and preparedness
    • Prepucation:  Education for preppers
    • Wall of Honor:  Honors those that do the right thing, often when faced with a difficult choice
    • Full Spectrum Preparedness:  We’re currently in the process of reorganizing Prepography around the Doctrine of Full Spectrum Preparedness in order to make it easier for our readers to develop and implement their own preparedness programs.

Finally, we encourage our readers to get into the act through our Submit a Prep Tip, Ask Andrew a preparedness question or through article comments.

Expect some additional improvements as well but bear with us during the process, our webmaster as well as our writers are all volunteers with demanding day jobs.  For those readers over 50 and especially for faithful reader Charlie…yes we’re getting rid of the black background, I know it’s hard to read with ‘mature’ eyes.

Welcome again…and keep on prepping,

Andrew J. Jackson

Preppers Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Deals

I never go holiday shopping on Black Friday or anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas if I can help it.  There are a lot of good deals though that I don’t want to pass up…so I just shop online…or at local Mom & Pop stores where everything is a little more sane.  If you do feel you need to brave the retail masses…make sure to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.  Here is a small sampling of some of the Preppers Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Deals available from Prepography‘s advertisers.

Click on the company name to link to their website and check out the rest of the deals.

Army Navy Shop

  • Save $5.00 when you purchase $75.00 or more by using coupon code: ANS2012.  Enter in the coupon box on the second page of the checkout process.

The Ready Store

The Ready Store’s Black Friday Weekend Sales

  • Free shipping on Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator.  Provides DC, USB, and AC power from 2, 30 watt solar panels.
  • Free shipping on PRM-8000 Geiger Counter
  • PVS-14 Generation 3+ Night Vision with 5 year limited warranty, accessories and weapons mount, $2695 this weekend only

The Ready Store’s Holiday Specials on ReadyPack Long Term Food Storage Supplies

  • Mountain House Best Sellers ReadyPack for 132.56, regularly 176.74
  • Mountain House Vegetarian ReadyPack for 137.21, regularly 182.94
  • Mountain House Breakfast Readypack for 155.43, regularly 207.24
  • Mountain House Beef Lovers ReadyPack for 134.21, regularly 178.94
  • Mountain House Pasta & Noodles ReadyPack for 135.33, regularly 180.44
  • Mountain House Chicken Lovers ReadyPack for 142.08, regularly 189.44
  • Mountain House Premium Meats ReadyPack for 215.06, regularly 286.74

The Ready Store’s Holiday Specials on Long Term Food Storage Supplies

  •  Mountain House 2000, 3 Month Food Supply for 1,709.26, regularly 2,441.80
  • Mountain House 6-Month Lunch & Dinner Entrees for 752.18, regularly 1,074.54
  • Mountain House 2000 6 Month Food Storage Supply for 3.305.97, regularly 4,722.82
  • Mountain House 12 Month Lunch & Dinner Entrees for 1,521.02, regularly 2,172.88
  • Mountain House 2000, 12 Month Food Storage Supply for 6,607.27, regularly 9,438.96

The Ready Store’s Holiday Specials on Individual Cans

  • Mountain House Instant White Rice for 14.39, regularly 17.99
  • Mountain House Pilot Bread Crackers for 16.23, regularly 20.29
  • Mountain House Garden Green Peas for 16.79, regularly 20.99
  • Mountain House Sweet Corn for 17.19, regularly 21.49
  • Mountain House Rice & Chicken for 18.39, regularly 22.99
  • Mountain House Green Beans for 18.95, regularly 23.69
  • Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce for 19.19, regularly 23.99
  • Mountain House Raspberry Crumble for 19.91, regularly 24.89
  • Mountain House Sliced Bananas for 19.96, regularly 24.95
  • Mountain House Macaroni & Cheese for 20.29, regularly 28.99
  • Mountain House Blueberry Cheesecake for 20.31, regularly 25.39
  • Mountain House Chili Mac for 20.39, regularly 25.49
  • Mountain House Beef Stroganoff for 21.59, regularly 26.99
  • Mountain House Vegetable Stew with Beef for 23.19, regularly 28.99
  • Mountain House Sliced Strawberries for 23.96, regularly 29.95
  • Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki for 23.99, regularly 29.99
  • Mountain House Long Grain & Wild Rice Pilaf for 24.39, regularly 30.49
  • Mountain House Noodles & Chicken for 25.43, regularly 31.79
  • Mountain House Pasta Primavera for 25.59, regularly 31.99
  • Mountain House New Orleans Rice with Shrimp & Ham for 25.99, regularly 32.49
  • Mountain House Breakfast Skillet for 27.19, regularly 33.99
  • Mountain House Chicken Alfredo for 27.59, regularly 34.49
  • Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce for 27.59, regularly 34.49
  • Mountain House Eggs & Ham with Red & Green Peppers for 27.99, regularly 34.99
  • Mountain House Beef Stew for 28.39, regularly 35.49
  • Mountain House Chicken Stew for 28.79, regularly 35.99
  • Mountain House Chicken ala King for 28.79, regularly 35.99
  • Mountain House Mexican Rice with Chicken for 29.99, regularly 37.49
  • Mountain House Granola with Blueberries & Milk for 30.63, regularly 38.29
  • Mountain House Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice for 31.03, regularly 38.79
  • Mountain House Seafood Chowder for 32.31, regularly 40.39
  • Mountain House Cottage Cheese for 52.31, regularly 65.39


Announced Coupon Code AM2012! which expires 11/30/12…good for:

  • 5% off $50
  • 10% off $75
  • or 15% off an order of $100 or more

OtterBox makes excellent protective cases and waterproof boxes for technology as well as building floatable survival kits (just the box, you’ve got to fill it yourself).  I’ve purchased both their tech protective and waterproof boxes and they’re the only viable alternative I’ve ever found to Pelican Cases.

Efoods Direct

Holiday Sales

  • Holiday Sampler Gift Pack for 49.95, regularly 79.95.  Sampler Gift Pack includes 65-Servings including breakfasts, soups, and entrees – plus drink and desert.  Each Pack includes more than enough food to last over a week for 2 adults.
  • Emergency Food Kit for 189.95, regularly 257.18.  Each Emergency Food Kit includes 142 total servings – breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees plus rice, drinks, and desert.  More than enough food to feed 4 adults for a full week. Plus, you get the compact and durable Cube Stove with 15 eFuel Discs making it very simple to boil water and cook your meal no matter what the situation. Also included is a Solar Panel that can charge your cell phone or other electronic devices. This Holiday season give the gift of security and be ready for anything.
  • Free shipping when ordering 2 or more Holiday Sampler Gift Packs or Emergency Food Kits.
  • This Holiday season for every $500 spent on eFoodsDirect food, you will receive a FREE Emergency Food Kit – a full weeks supply of food for 4 adults plus emergency items like the Cube Stove with eFuel to cook with and a special Solar Panel that can charge your cell phone or other electronic devices. Purchase a 1-Year Food Supply and get 4 Emergency Food Kits FREE. Claim your Freedom today and control your greatest dependency! Get your FREE Emergency Food Kit now and save hundreds


  • 10% off all orders of $150 or more with Coupon Code “DU9” through 11/25/12
  • Lots of great deals including a Hornaday reloading setup for 259.00, regularly 325.00
  • Additionally, watch Brownelle’s websites for 12 Days of Christmas Deals starting Monday, December 3rd, link on the right side of this page


  • Closeouts Currently Available at 5-11

    • 5-11 Men’s Tactical Pants for 32.99, regularly 54.99
    • Firefighter Fire Shadow T-Shirt for 7.99, regularly 14.99
    • LBE Adjustable Holster (lighted or unlighted pistols) for 9.99, regularly 37.99
    • Women’s PDU Class B, Cargo Pocket Twill Pants for 13.99, regularly 54.99
    • Men’s Station Cargo Pants for 18.99, regularly 64.99


  • 35% off Meats, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Free water storage boxes, free Emergency Stove and free Insta-Fire Kit with purchase of 3 month+ Long Term Food Storage
  • Free Deluxe Survival Kit with 6 month+ Long Term Food Storage
  • Free 2 week survival kit with over 3500 purchase
  • Lots of long term food storage kits up to 20% off
  • 120 Serving of Freeze Dried Meats, 120 Servings of Freeze Dried Vegetables, 120 Serving of Freeze Dried Fruits + Free Emergency Stove + Free Aquamira Bottle + Free Shipping for 519.97, regularly 770.00
  • Free shipping to continental U.S. on selected items

Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman’s Guide’s Selected Holiday Deals (too many to list)

  • Homak, Between the Studs Wall Safe, 29.99, regularly up to 130.00
  • EOTAC Operator Shirt for 14.59, regularly up to 50.00
  • Check out the rifle and pistol magazines in the clearance section as well…no telling when these are going to be regulated away
  • Additionally, Sportman’s Guide has a membership program (I’m a member) that lets you save an extra 10%.


  • Up to 50% off Snugpack items including their sleeping bags and cold weather gear
  • Special discounts on all ASP products.  Use coupon code “ASP”
  • Blackhawk Gen II Tactical Shotgun Stock Set for 100.00, regularly 135.00
  • 5.11 Tactical Medical Rig (holster) for 4.95, regularly 27.00

NitroPak:  Also, check out their newly redesigned website.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Limited Time Offers

  • Up to 80% off selected products 11/22 to 11/26 (Black Friday Weekend)
  • Up to 30% off Mountain House Foods pouches and cans 11/22 to 12/5
  • Up to 25% off Backpackers Pantry 11/22 to 11/26 (Black Friday Weekend)
  • “30 Days of Holiday Deals” are ongoing, so check their website daily (link on the right side of this page)
  • 12 days of  Christmas offers begin 12/1…check their website daily using the link at right.

Other NitroPak Holiday Specials

  • Orders over $99 ship free, all others $9.50 flat rate
  • Executive 72 hour, 2 person kit for 99.99, regularly 139.99
  • Steripen Adventurer water purification for 69.26, regularly 89.95
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Chili Mac with Beef for 17.84, regularly 25.49
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Macaroni and Cheese for 20.29, regularly 28.99
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Sliced Strawberries for 20.64, regularly 29.49
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Scrambled Eggs with Bacon for 22.32, regularly 31.89
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Chicken Stew for 25.19, regularly $35.99
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Turkey Tetrazzini for 25.89, regularly 36.99
  • Freeze-Dried Food #10 Can – Granola with Milk and Blueberries for 26.80, regularly 38.29
  • Ultimate Pak Food Reserve Unit for 3,999.00, regularly 4,699.99
  • Platinum Food Reserve Unit: 3-month Supply for 4 People for 2,999.00, regularly 3,518.00
  • Gold Food Reserve Unit for 1,529.00, regularly 1,799.00
  • Mountain House Foods – YEAR’S SUPPLY ENTREE’S # 1 for 999.00, regularly 1,149.00
  • Mountain House – Easy Meal Security Pak for 434.99, regularly 579.99
  • Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak for 7,999.00, regularly 8,999.00
  • QUIK and EZ MINI RESERVE for 1,199, regularly 1,229.00
  • Family Dinner Entrée Pak for 874.50, regularly 1,166.00
  • Survival Kit, Survivor-Pak The SUPER Ark for 19.99, regularly 27.99
  • Safety Tool & Emergency Flashlight Combo for 2.50, regularly 12.99
  • GT-Lite Mini Camp Lantern / 3 LED for 1.75, regularly 7.99
  • IOSAT Potassium Iodide – Single Pak for 7.99, regularly 9.95
  • Tactical Shoulder Bag – Black for 25.99, regularly 35.95
  • Dynamo Hand Powered Flashlight for 2.50, regularly 3.99
  • 30-Bulb LED Lantern for 9.99, regularly 18.95
  • 27 LED Portable Worklight/Flashlight for 2.00, regularly 5.49
  • 24 LED Camping Lantern for 7.99, regularly 14.95
  • JUMBO LED DYNAMO LANTERN for 4.99, regularly 12.99
  • LANTERN / 24 LED w/REMOTE CONTROL for 16.99, regularly 24.99
  • ULTRA SOLAR DYNAMO SURVIVAL RADIO for 43.99, regularly 55.00
  • Emergency AM/ FM Dynamo Radio for 5.99, regularly 14.95
  • Kerosene Heater/Cooker for 75.00, regularly 94.99
  • Portable Mini LED Lantern for 2.50, regularly 3.00

Mozy, Online Backup

  • Plans up to 2 Gig are FREE which should suffice for most people.
  • 20% off through Cyber Monday 11/26 with Coupon Code “TURKEY”
  • 10% off until December with the Coupon Code “FOOTBALL”.

Mozy is the online backup service I use (and yes I do the periodic, USB drive backups as well)…I did a onetime setup and get a daily confirmation on each of my computers that the backup is up-to-date.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged’s Black Friday Sale

  • Atlas Shrugged Part I: REARDEN STEEL Blu-Ray for 12.47, regularly 24.95
  • Atlas Shrugged Part II: Official Movie Poster for 49.97, regularly 99.95
  • Official Atlas Shrugged Rearden Metal Bracelet for 111.30, regularly 159.00
  • Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Brass Money Clip, for 44.97, regularly 79.95
  • Official Atlas Shrugged Icon Lapel Pin for 8.97, regularly 14.95
  • Official Atlas Shrugged Francisco d’Anconia Dollar Sign Lapel Pin for 13.96, regularly 19.95

Camping Survival

Camping Survival’s Black Friday Only 11/23/12

  • 50% off all Paktek Bags
  • 40% off all Exotac
  • 35% off all eGear Survival Kits
  • 15% off all Bridgeford Food (long term storage sandwiches)
  • 20% off all Mountain House Dehydrated Food Pouches
  • 30% off all Paracord Bracelets

Camping Survival’s Cyber Monday Only 11/26/12

  • Kaito Voyager Radio with AC Adapter for 34.95 regularly 67.95
  • Nukalert Personal Radiation Monitor for 135.83, regularly 299.95
  • eGear Ready (survival) Kit 100 for 9.35, regularly 19.95
  • Strikeforce Fire Starter for 14.95
  • Waterbob Emergency Drinking Water Storage for 18.83, regularly 29.95
  • Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter for 9.97
  • Yoders Canned Bacon for 11.83
  • Ovaeasy Whole Powdered Eggs for 21.03

 Some of Camping Survival’s Other Deals

  • Future Essentials Canned Organic Green Costa Rican Monte Crisol Coffee Beans for 11.94, regularly 13.95
  • Future Essentials Long Grain White Rice for 5.94, regularly 7.94
  • Swedish Fire Steel 14.95, regularly 19.95
  • Rothco Delux Paracord Bracelet for 3.89, regularly 8.89
  • Paracord deals, 50 feet for 3.25, regularly 5.95
  • On Duty 4 in 1 Emergency Tool (utility shutoff) for 8.95, regularly 16.95
  • Ferrocerium Flint Rod for 9.95, regularly 29.45
  • Strikeforce Fire Starter for 14.95, Down from 23.95
  • Potassium Iodate Pills (KIO3) 90 Tablets for 8.13, regularly 17.95
  • Survival Food Tablets for 14.95, regularly 29.95
  • Kaito Voyager V1 Radio for 17.61, regularly 39.95

  • Try Coupon Code “10vet”…not sure from their communications if it’s a $10 savings or 10% but give it a go

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Offer valid until 11/25/12 @ 6PM Eastern.  Use Coupon Code:  “BLFR12S”

  • $5 Flat Rate Shipping
  • $10 Gift Card with $50 Purchase
  • $20 Gift Card with $100 Purchase

Cyber Monday Deals (use Code CY12 at checkout):

  • 10% Discounts on purchases up to $99.99
  • 20% Discount on purchases over $100.00
  • 25% Discount on purchases over $300.00
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Free Knife with $50.00 purchase

Lucky Gunner

  • Too many discounts to list.  Check their website to stock up on ammo.  Good source for ammo purchases but really excel at bulk purchases.  I can’t imagine ammo ever being less expensive than it is right now…and you never know when the EPA will decide that they ‘need’ to regulate ammunition for our ‘protection.’

Camping Survival Advertising Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that Camping Survival has become the latest advertiser on Prepography.  That’s their survival coffee ad over there on the right hand side of this page.  They sell so much more than coffee though…food, shelter, clothing, first aid, survival kits, books, protective masks, and much more.

I’ve bought a number of items from Camping Survival since I found them on the internet several years ago and was always pleased with both my purchases and the prompt service they provided.  My favorite section to shop is their Closeouts & Specials where they sell survival, and sometimes a bit off the wall products at deep discounts.

Check them out and let them know you heard about them on Prepography.


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