CBMint Announces Changes

Prepography advertiser CBMint, a bullion sales company recently announced the following changes based on their customer recommendations.

Pay By Check Amount Increased

  • They have just increased the maximum allowable check payment to $50,000.

Bank Wire Amount Increased

  • The allowable maximum for bank wire transfer has also been increased, in this case to $150,000.

The CBMint Bullion Buy Back Program

  • CBMint has launched a bullion buyback program where they buy back gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium bullion from CBMint customers. See CBMint for details.

Base Metals Bullion Products

We have had an increasingly-larger volume of customer questions about different types of bullion metals, so we have elected to offer a selection of these products. Most of the bars and rounds stuck in these metals are very inexpensive. Though we do not anticipate a huge surge in the commodity prices for these metals, they have become increasingly popular among customers, usually as an add-on to a larger gold and silver order. Some of the new metals include:  aluminum, tin, titanium, zinc, nickel, brass, and bronze.

Prepper Giveaways

The only thing better than great prepper stuff is great prepper stuff that’s free!  Here are three Prepper giveaways of interest to all you Preppers and Survivalists out there that you can enter online!

Good luck Preppers!

Changes & Announcement

Oh what changes the last few months have brought!

If you’re a regular reader of Prepography you may have noticed some changes the last few months.  Although we continue to add new content we’ve ceased adding content every day and as part of that change have stopped posting daily quotes as well.  It’s really been a matter of time and I’ve been spending the vast majority of my non-working, non-sleeping time acquiring new skills and experience that will serve both my family, my developing preparedness group and the readers of this website well.

So what has the Jackson clan been doing with all its time?  We bought the farm…literally.  After seven years of looking for a place to develop as our homestead and full time retreat we are in the process of moving from our one acre lot and home in a small Midwestern town to our very own Hermitage.

I’ll write in future articles about our search for The Hermitage and what we were looking for in a homestead as well as some of the projects we’ve planned and already undertaken at the farm.  In the meanwhile, here are a few of the changes that are underway with Prepography.

  • Doing away with Today’s Quote but we will still offer interesting, thought provoking, humorous or maddening quotes regularly.
  • A search is underway for Prepography‘s new Politics & Culture Columnist/Commentator.  Statists and those more interested in remaining politically correct than relying on common sense and rationality need not apply.
  • Include more of my personal preparedness projects with pictures as our new home is far enough off the beaten path that I’m less concerned with compromising OPSEC than I have been inside of town.

Thanks for reading and keep your e-mails and notes coming.

Andrew J. Jackson

Best of Prepography – Contributors & Guest Writer’s Edition

Best of Prepography – Contributors & Guest Writer’s Edition

Gone Fishing for a few days.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the daily quotes or one of these fine articles (in no particular order) from our guest writers and columnists.

If you think you have what it takes to be a contributor to Prepography or are an established blogger and are interested in submitting a guest article…drop me a note.


Online Prep Tools & Resources

We’ve added some new tools to the Prepography Online Prep Tools & Resources Page recently…make sure to check it out.

What Do You Think Of The New Prepography?

Prepography The Way It Used To Be

The Old Prepography

If you’ve been reading Prepography for more than a week then you’ve likely noticed our new look and feel.  I think our web developer Real World Web Design put together an attractive, readable and crisp design that makes it easier than ever to read the latest articles, delve into the archives or zero in on articles covering just one of the Full Spectrum Preparedness fundamentals.  The new look is also much easier to read for those of us with a little more silver in our hair.  I’m putting together the final punch list of tweaks but the they’ll be relatively minor and you may not even notice…with one exception and that’s fixing our readability issue for mobile users…I know, we’re on it!

That’s what I think but I’m more interested in what you think.  Drop me a line if you have suggestions to add to the final punch list.  If you already can’t remember what the old theme looked like I’ve included a screenshot taken right before the upgrade.

Thanks to Real World Web Design for taking my half baked, poorly formed ideas and turning it into something so beautiful.

I Am Looking For A Foraging Class

Once again this year I’m looking for a good foraging class being taught in the Midwest.  There are lots of well reviewed foraging classes but I haven’t found any being taught in zones 4-6 with Midwestern plants.  If you’ve heard of or can recommend such a foraging class please drop me a note.

Of course if I hear of any, I’ll let you know.



Popular on Prepography

Prepography reader ParkRGR asked me what the most popular articles on our website have been.  Below is the list of original articles (not including infographics created by others and military manual extracts) in order of popularity (most all time readers).

Merry Christmas 2013


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Preparry Christmas

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