Thank You Veterans

Freedom isn’t free…from one veteran to all the others…thank you for your service.

Andrew J. Jackson; Editor, Prepography

Analogy Help Request

Ever been at a loss for an analogy?  I am… so I thought I’d ask my readers for help.  Please help me finish this sentence and send your responses in comments:

Expecting government spending to drive the economy is like…

Thanks in advance for your ideas,

Andrew J. Jackson

1,000 and Counting

This posting represents the crossing of a milestone for Prepography.  There’s not much in this note to help you become more self reliant or better prepared but there’s a lot in the previous 999 articles, notes, infographics and quotes.

That’s right, this is our 1,000th posting!

It’s interesting to see which articles are of the most interest to our readers…it’s not always what I expect.  Some of the articles that take the the most time and effort researching and writing fall flat on their face with only a few hundred views, others which are written in just a few minutes on a topic that crossed my or one of our other writer’s mind or that I wrote for personal gratification only go viral.

To give you a feeling for how truly varied the most popular articles are, here are the Top 100 articles we’ve published in order from most popular to least…if our posts were graded on the curve, these are the top 10%, the ‘A’ work:

Top 10 Items to Buy Before The Election

Top 10 Initial Steps to Preparation

Fan of the Ammo Can – Top 10 Uses

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Preparedness Lessons I Learned in Prison

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Garbage Bags

How To Make Moonshine Infographic

Preparedness Alert Code – Alas Babylon

Top 10 Tips for Countering Surveillance While Walking

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of WD-40

Personal CamouflagePrepography Logo

Introduction to Full Spectrum Preparedness Doctrine

Ultimate Emergency Medical List – Infographic from The Survival Doctor

Online Preparedness Tools and Resources

Best Prepper Caliber?

Less Lethal Weapon Options for Your Bug Out Bag

Tracking The Army Way

Basics of Cold Weather Survival

Cold Weather Canteen Tips – Top 10

The Arsenal of Freedom Circa 1984

Prepper Blood Chit

Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Prepper

Top 10 Weeds That Heal Infographic

Situational Awareness – An Introduction

Difference Between .223 Caliber & 5.56mm

Am I Too Old to Prep?

Andrew’s Top 10 Preparedness Websites

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part I

Top 10 Reasons to be a Stealth Prepper

Gunshot First Aid Kit Infographic

The Prepper’s Creed

Preparedness Uses of Baking Soda – Top 10 Uses

Intentional Living

Don’t Be ‘That Prepper Guy’

Top 10 Prepper Mistakes

Legal and Social Norms for Your Security Preps

Buy Your Gun From The Government – The CMP

How to Move Around a Corner During WROL

Ammo Saver Pouches

Observation Skills for Survival

USMC Survival Kit Components

OCOKA – A Key Survival Acronym


Surviving A Nuclear Accident Infographic

Trouble in Store at the Grocery

Why Prep, The Introduction

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Mineral Oil

Why Prep, Part 2 Historical & Current Examples

Top 10 Survival Lessons from World War Z

Prepping with Garage Sales

The Most Important Item In Your First Aid Kit

Snake Eater – How to Field Dress a Snake

Knots a Prepper Should Know

Why Prep

Invitation from Doomsday Preppers

Why Prep, Part 3 Triggers & Stressors

Mike Hoare’s Top 10 Rules of Battle

Top 10 Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash

Product Review of The Ultimate Preparedness Library

Top 10 Free Steps to Preparedness

Do One Thing For Preparedness

Prepping Consequences of the Election

101 Prepper Resolutions for the New Year

Top 10 Firearms Items to Buy NOW

Beware the Butt Bomb

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola

Skills For The Apocalypse Infographic

Preparedness Calendar

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part IV, Food

Andrew J. Jackson – About Me

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part II Transportation

Using a Watch to Determine North/South Infographic

Dakota Fire Pit Infographic

Movement in Urban Terrain during WROL

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part V, Shelter, Clothing and Protection from the Elements

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part VII, Security

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part VI, Communications

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part III, Water

Building a Poncho Hooch

Apply a Tourniquet

Top 10 Inactions That Will Be Taxed Next

Wound Terminology

Top 10 Preparedness Options For Labor Day

The Prepper Compact

Physical Security and the Forms of Protection

Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Top 10 Preparedness Gifts for Father’s Day

Prepper SALUTE Report – An Observation and Reporting Tool

Top 10 Personal Protection Measures For Foreign Travel

Preppers Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Deals

Would You Survive Doomsday Infographic

Chemical Attack Survival Skills

Jefferson’s Top 10 Commandments for Living

The Quartermaster’s Report – X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System

Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Weapons of Opportunity

Ammo Can Grill

Packing a Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag or Rucksack

Required Reading – When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

That’s the list…the top 10%.  I can’t wait to see what the top 100 are from our next 1,000 posts!

Welcome Dan’s Depot

Today we’re happy to welcome Dan’s Depot to the growing list of Prepography Advertisers and Affiliates.  Dan’s Depot offers survival food, equipment, training, and survival oriented surplus items.  If you recognize the name it’s because we’ve featured several of their survival infographics over the past few months.  Check them our and tell them Andrew sent you!

AR Magazine

Shop the Top AR15 Magazines Today

Survive The Carrington Event Advertisement

Carrington Event or CME

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