Top 10 Examples: Miseducating Young Adults Into Children

It seems that some of those adults charged with the “higher education” of America’s youth are hell bent on miseducating our children into perpetual toddlerhood.  Not only are our children being taught that feelings are the only barometer of right and wrong but they are also being taught that there is no dishonor in trampling the rights of others.  Additionally, sensitivities in these infantilized adults are intentionally being heightened to such an extent that they would have left our ancestors quivering in puddles of their own urine instead of carving the land of the [formerly] free and the home of the [formerly] brave out of a continent of wilderness.  What follows are the Top 10 Examples of Miseducating Young Adults Into Children from the past few weeks.

  1. MiseducationMelissa Click of the University of Missouri who insisted that she needed “… some muscle over here” to prevent a journalist from reporting on a public demonstration taking place in a public place.
  2. The master of Yale’s Pierson College said his title reminds distressed students of slavery.
  3. Wesleyan University’s student government threatened the budget of the school newspaper over a column critical of campus’ leftists.
  4.  A Washington State University professor indicated that she would lower the grade of any student who described those who immigrate to the U.S. in violation of U.S. immigration law as “illegal immigrants.”
  5. Another Washington State professor’s syllabus for “Introduction to Multicultural Literature” states that white students should demonstrate their “grasp of history and social relations” by “deferring to the experiences of people of color.”
  6. Another Washington State syllabus for “Women & Popular Culture,” threatened failure for those students who use derogatory or oppressive language such as “referring to women/men as females or males.”
  7. The University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion suggested replacing problematic pronouns such as “he, she, him, & her” with gender-neutral terms such as “ze, hir, xe, xem, or xyr”.
  8. The University of California system’s sensitivity auditors declared the statements “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” and “America is the land of opportunity” as “hostile” and “derogatory.”
  9. The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point’s list of racial microaggressions includes “America is a melting pot” and “There is only one race, the human race.”
  10. Mount Holyoke College canceled its production of “The Vagina Monologues” because it was considered insufficiently inclusive of women without vaginas…meaning men who ‘feel’ like they should be women.

Thanks to George Will for compiling the above list and more in his article, America’s higher education brought low.

Your Incredibly Valuable Windfall – American Citizenship

Goddard College’s recent decision to have its students addressed from prison by a convicted cop killer is just one of many unbelievably irresponsible self-indulgences by “educators” in our schools and colleges. Such “educators” teach minorities born with an incredibly valuable windfall gain — American citizenship — that they are victims who have a grievance against people today who have done nothing to them, because of what other people did in other times. If those individuals who feel aggrieved could sell their American citizenship to eager buyers from around the world and leave, everybody would probably be better off. Those who leave would get not only a substantial sum of money — probably $100,000 or more — they would also get a valuable dose of reality elsewhere.

Dr. Thomas Sowell via Irresponsible ‘Education’

Texas Loves Kids

Texas Education

Gotta love Texas.  Texas loves kids enough they feel that they are worth protecting in ways that work better than having one officer on hand who is nothing more than the first victim to any well planned attack.

via Texas School District’s Sign Is Almost Sure to Irk the Left: ‘Please Be Aware That the Staff at Argyle ISD Are…’ |

Trans-allyship – Today’s Quote

It is basically intended to sort of be a [transgender athlete class] 101…  We also talk about choice, privilege and agency in presentation of gender and pronouns and ends with trans-allyship dos and don’ts. It’s basically like, don’t question people about their transitioning processes, respect pronouns and names, don’t use ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’ when addressing a group of people.

Oberlin College Junior, Emily Clarke discussing the College’s new Guidelines for Inclusion and Respectful Treatment of Intercollegiate Transgender Student Athletes via Ohio College Considering Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training For Athletics Department « CBS Cleveland

Andrew’s Note:  I’m not sure what language Clarke is speaking but it appears to be some sort of transgender Newspeak.  I have no problem with encouraging athletes and those that train them to be respectful of others (all others) but making a special requirement that folks embrace trans-allyship seems to be a bit of an experiment in creating an academic thought police state.  This quote generates three questions in my logical mind:

  1. Why do we give insist on giving groups and individuals special rights beyond the natural (God given) and human rights we all enjoy.
  2. How can we protect the integrity of competition within collegiate sports when we don’t require that people compete based on their gender at birth.  There are physical differences between men and women and allowing a man (or former man) to compete in a female only competition is just as unfair as it would be to let a woman (or former woman) who is taking male hormones continue to compete in that woman’s sport.
  3. If you aren’t supposed to address groups as ‘ladies & gentlemen’ what term do you use…humans, carbon based life forms, people or maybe we should just add to ‘ladies & gentlemen’ and say something like ‘ladies, gentlemen and other’ or ‘ladies, gentlemen and those of you who are in between.’

Tolerance Check, The Website

I came across a new website this week that’s been released in Beta Test mode.  It’s called Tolerance Check.  Tolerance Check allows you to create ‘memes’ about sensitive subjects and download or post them online to social media.  You can also see memes posted by other people and vote on whether you find the notion offensive or not.

Political CorrectnessIn addition to being good, politically incorrect fun, Tolerance Check serves two very useful purposes.

  1. You can easily check your libertarian (little ‘l,’ not big ‘L’ because we don’t want to waste any votes) credentials by seeing just how far you are willing to ‘live and let live’ those folks that you disagree with…or verify your ‘social conservatism’ (the act of requiring others to act in accordance with your moral convictions) or ‘social liberalism’ (the act of prohibiting people from acting on their own moral convictions).
  2. You can also trick others into actually thinking through their views if you cleverly juxtapose opposing arguments and maybe, just maybe derail some of growing intolerance we seem to have in today’s society.

Check out Tolerance Check and see what you think…here’s one of my favorite memes that’s been created so far…and not just because it has an obscure Twilight Zone

Appeasing the Gods of Political Correctness – Today’s Quote

What type of gimmick will we rush to accept as a leader regardless of qualification, leadership, or principles? The first Hispanic president? The first gay president? The first transgender president? The first Muslim president? (Oh, wait…) How long will we follow destructive cults of personality just to appease the gods of political correctness?

Former U.S. Representative and U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West from his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom

Picking Up A Pack Of Trojans – Today’s Quote

The opportunity society tells individuals that their rights, as granted by their Creator, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The dependency society confuses privileges with rights and sells everything as a right: the right to own a home, rights based on sexuality, a right to birth control–that one I can’t really understand. What prevents manufactured women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke or anyone else from walking into CVS or Walgreens and picking up a pack of Trojans for the weekend?

Former U.S. Representative and U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West from his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom

Powell On Getting Mad – Today’s Quote

Get mad, then get over it.

Former Secretary of State, National Security Adviser and General (RET) Colin Powell


Tolerance – Today’s Quote

The ancient Greeks understood that carrying any principle to extremes was dangerous. Yet, thousands of years later, some Western nations take tolerance to the extreme of tolerating intolerance among immigrants to their own societies.

Dr. Thomas Sowell

Fear Is Healthy – Today’s Quote

Fear is a healthy instinct, not a sign of weakness. It is a natural self-defense mechanism that is common to felines, wolves, hyenas, and most humans. Even fruit bats know fear, and I salute them for it. If you think the world is weird now, imagine how weird it would be if wild beasts had no fear.

Writer & Cold War Era Airman First Class Hunter S. Thompson

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