Survival by Swindle & Theft? – Today’s Quote

Doesn’t the fight for survival also justify swindle and theft?  In self defense, anything goes.

Imelda Marcos

Andrew’s Note:  I  couldn’t disagree more with the former shoe lady of the Philippines but I present her quote to remind you to prepare for those who share her views. 

NFL Disarms Law Enforcement

Are you ready for some football!  Maybe not if you are a federal, state or local law enforcement officer.  Off duty law enforcement officers will now be prohibited from carrying their firearms into all National Football League (NFL) stadiums under a new League policy.

It’s hard to imagine a more target rich environment for a madman or terrorist group than the crowds that gather for America’s other great pastime.  An attack on an NFL game wouldn’t have to be as sophisticated as the one imagined in the 1977 film, Black Sunday to successfully spread terror and damage the way of life that we’ve come to cherish.  A mass casualty attack on an NFL game could now be accomplished by an individual or group wielding edged weapons as we’ve seen with a number of high profile knife attacks in firearms restrictive zones over the years.  Yes, there are still on duty and contracted police officers stationed at games but why would you give up a trained, sober (you’re not drinking if you’re an off duty cop carrying), ‘undercover’ and free security presence embedded with the crowd.  After some of the shenanigans that have taken place over the years at NFL games you’d think that the teams would be distributing pairs of tickets spread throughout the stadium to various law enforcement groups just hoping to get more trained, ready peace officers into the stands.

NFL Disarms Law Enforcement


Justice Holmes on Stand Your Ground – Today’s Quote

Many respectable writers agree that if a man reasonably believes that he is in immediate danger of death or grievous bodily harm from his assailant he may stand his ground and that if he kills him he has not exceeded the bounds of lawful self-defense.  That has been the decision of this court.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Brown v. United States, 1921

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