Hitler on Focusing Hate – Today’s Quote

The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.

Adolf Hitler

Andrew’s Note:  Never forget that Hitler was an elected leader.  Beware any leader that follows Hitler’s advice and uses his or her elevated position to incite devicsiveness, jealousy or hate.

Politician Interferes with Legitimate Business Trade – Tool of Tyranny

Former White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a politician interferes with legitimate business relationships between several U.S. manufacturers and their banks because the corporations don’t support Emanuel’s extremist political agenda…namely the disarmament of law abiding citizens.

Emanuel believes that the entire country should have firearms laws as restrictive as those in Chicago…those same laws that have made Chicago the ‘Poster Child’ for the violence brought on by laws which assure that firearms are reserved for the use of criminals and not those seeking to defend themselves from criminals.

Emanuel is pushing two major financial institutions to stop their financial backing of gun makers, unless those companies support “commonsense reforms, including requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales.”

The mayor is urging that banks to stop lines of credit, financing for acquisitions and expansions and financial advising.

In a letter sent Friday to the CEOs of Bank Of America and TD Bank, Emanuel said: “In the past, the gun industry has stood in opposition to these safety measures. They opposed a ban on assault weapons on America’s streets, opposed a ban on military-style clips [meaning standard capacity magazines], opposed a criminal background check on all gun purchases and opposed any effort to crack down on criminal gun traffickers [really?].”

via Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun Makers « CBS Chicago

This intimidation and interference with legal banking trade is indicative of the ‘Chicago Way’ that we’re seeing entirely too much of lately.  I can’t remember another case of a politician strong arming banks to force the bank’s clients to change their policies and political views…this is a scary precedent and a potential tactic or tool of tyranny.

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