Tax E-Mail to Save Post Office – Today’s Quote

There should be something like a bit tax… I mean, a bit tax could be a cent per gigabit and they would make, probably, billions of dollars a year….[and a] very tiny tax on email.

Berkeley City Councilman Gordon Wozniak via Should the government tax your email? One California official thinks so | Fox News

Andrew’s Note:  Maybe while we’re at it we can put an extra tax on video games to subsidize the sagging boardgame industry…or maybe a tax on horseless carriages to resurrect the troubled wagon wheel industry.  Let’s elect folks who look at ways to cut taxes and make government more efficient…not methods to subsidize inefficiency…even in Berkeley, CA!  I think that you and I can make better decisions about how to spend the money we earn than a politician or bureaucrat.  Tax e-mail…what will they think of next?

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