TEOTWAWKI Health and Hygiene

TEOTWAWKI Health and Hygiene

Andrew’s Note:  Today’s survival lesson is another extract from FM 21-76-1, the U.S. Army manual on Survival, Evasion & Recovery June 1999, Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.  This extract deals with Health and Hygiene in a field environment but the tips are equally applicable to keeping health before during and after a TEOTWAWKI event.

TEOTWAWKI Health and HygieneMake A Toothbrush

  • Stay clean, [establish a] daily regimen.
    • Minimize infection by washing. (Use white ashes, sand, or loamy soil as soap substitutes.)[washing not wound disinfection]
    • Comb and clean debris from hair.
    • Cleanse mouth and brush teeth.
      • Use hardwood twig as toothbrush (fray it by chewing on one end then use as brush).
      • Use single strand of an inner core string from parachute [550] cord for dental floss.
      • Use clean finger to stimulate gum tissues by rubbing.
      • Gargle with salt water to help prevent sore throat and aid in cleaning teeth and gums.
    • Clean and protect feet.
      • Change and wash socks
      • Wash, dry, and massage.
      • Check frequently for blisters and red areas.
      • Use adhesive tape/moleskin to prevent damage.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Prevent and control parasites.
    • Check body for lice, fleas, ticks, etc.
      • Check body regularly.
      • Pick off insects and eggs (DO NOT crush).
    • Wash clothing and use repellents.
    • Use smoke to fumigate clothing and equipment.
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