Don’t Be ‘That Prepper Guy’

Don’t Be ‘That Prepper Guy’

Every workplace, club, school, group and even families have their own version of ‘that guy.’  ‘That guy’ is the one who ducks out when it’s time to work, shoots down every idea without offering alternative solutions, makes the obscene gesture whenever a picture is snapped and generally makes a nuisance of him or herself.  Because obnoxious is equal opportunity…that guy can even be a girl.  In today’s article we examine the Top 10 That Prepper Guys you don’t want to be.

1.  Doom & Gloom Prepper Guy:  This is the guy that goes around telling everyone everything bad that’s going on and how everything good is about to end.  ‘The end is near’ is his mantra and it may well be…but then again maybe not…this guy needs to learn to balance his/her preparedness efforts within a rewarding life…and not live for the ‘end.’

2.  Overly Focused Prepper Guy:  This guy geeks on just one of the ten preparedness foundations of Full Spectrum Preparedness (or a subset of one foundation.  He’s a wealth of knowledge on his topic of choice but will become an annoyance when he/she needs your help because there are holes in his/her preps that you could drive a deuce and a half through.

3.  No Focus Prepper Guy:  Long before I developed the Full Spectrum Preparedness doctrine this was me.  I had all the water I needed but no hygiene items or a hundred toothbrushes without any toothpaste because I got a good deal.  I’m not opposed to good deals but without a balanced approach to prepping this guy will become annoying when he needs your help because he didn’t balance his preps…at least he’ll have toothbrushes to trade!

4.  Lazy Prepper Guy:  If you’ve ever been in any kind of group then you know who that (lazy) guy is.  Now picture having that guy in your preparedness group after life becomes more difficult, people are more stressed and the work product means the difference between survival or not.  Beware Lazy Prepper Guy.

5.  Scary Prepper Guy:  I have to admit, I finally broke down last week and watched several episodes of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers.  Some of the preppers featured were fairly reasonable folks but some were complete nut-jobs.  The worst were the Scary Preppers.  These were the guys that scared their families to death…stalked their wives “to teach her situational awareness” and presented doomsday scenarios to their very young children that would scare an Army Ranger.  I’m all for teaching children about preparedness…but do so in an age appropriate manner…parents are supposed to protect young children from the dangers of the world not highlight those dangers to their children.  Don’t be ‘that guy!’

The Survivors6.  Predatory Prepper Guy:  This guy is a subset of Overly Focused Prepper Guy.  He focuses strictly on Security Preparedness and primarily on firearms preparedness.  This guy isn’t just annoying because he can’t talk about anything but guns…but he’s also dangerous.  The reason he only does firearm preps is because he’s planning to come take your non-firearm preps at gunpoint if he ever wants or needs them.  Any prepper that focuses too much on one type of prep at the exclusion of others is dangerous because he’s going to want you to fill in the blanks…but the Predatory Prepper Guy won’t even ask.

7.  Evangelical Prepper Guy:  This guy isn’t out to convert you to his religion.  He’s out to convert all non-preppers into preppers.  That is a noble calling but he goes about it in a way that hurts the cause, violates his OPSEC (operational security) and possibly yours if he knows about you.  By all means, convert the ignorant…but do it with grace and class.  Many new preppers go through a period of time when they’re Evangelical Prepper Guy.

8.  Unsupportive Spouse Prepper Guy:  You may be living with this guy.  Having a neutral spouse is alright, having one that is slightly supportive is better, but I’ve seen spouses that actively discourage the husband or wife from taking prudent steps to prepare for the future.  Often this guy is married to and created by Evangelical Prepper Guy.

9.  Know It All Prepper Guy:  This guy knows how TEOTWAWKI will happen (he thinks), maybe when it will happen (he thinks) and exactly how you should prepare for it.  What Know It All Prepper Guy fails to realize is that there is no crystal ball, no one size fits all preparedness plan and by comparing notes and sharing knowledge and skills we can all become more prepared.

10.  Walk Into The Woods Prepper Guy:  More power to you if you really can walk into the woods with nothing but the pack on your back and survive indefinitely but VERY few people have these skills…and no one who has ever espoused this plan to me has a ghost of a chance.  Unless you’re Johnny Rambo or this Russian family…make another plan and stop annoying people with your crazy plan.

As you develop your own preparedness strategy avoid being one of these ‘that prepper guys’ and be a positive role model for your family and community.

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