The Host – Prepography Movie of The Week

The Host – Prepography Movie of The Week

I wasn’t a third of the way into The Host: A Novel when I knew something was awry so I Googled the author and discovered that it was written by Stephenie Meyerthe same woman who wrote The Twilight Saga.  I’m not even sure why I finished the book…I was probably too cheap not to attempt to get my money’s worth.  I’m sure there’s a fan base for stories that center primarily on a teenage girl’s inner monolog and angst…but they aren’t for me.

Still, there were elements to the story that I thought were interesting, notably how to survive as a member of an outcast society and the elaborate underground survival shelter that the human survivors developed to stay hidden from the parasitic invaders.  So, based on a recommendation from my daughter and the hope that the main character’s inner monologue wouldn’t transmit to the big screen, I recently watched the movie adaptation of The Host.

The Host

Unfortunately, along with the majority of the inner monologue that I wanted dropped, the film-makers also removed most of the book’s elements that I was interested in… Oh, there were a few scenes devoted to surviving in occupied territory and the survival cave system but not enough to watch the movie for any true survival or preparedness themes.

While technically a post TEOTWAWKI movie, The Host is missing most of the elements typically associated with the genre and seems to offer only one preparedness lesson of note:  Allies sometimes come from unexpected places.That said, the movie is beautifully filmed in a style that almost surreal and Saoirse Ronan‘s performance as the parasitically infected Wanda/Melanie Stryder demonstrated why she was one of the youngest actresses ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

Watch the movie with your kids on cable, Amazon Instant Video or Netflix but don’t spend any money on it if you’re looking for a survival or preparedness drama.

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