The Preppers

The Preppers

I was recently asked by a longtime Prepography reader about what motivated me to write the Prepper’s Creed.  It was really an attempt to capture the essence or ethos of the Prepper Movement as I understand it both from the preppers I know and my own experience.  I wanted to codify how preppers differ from their preparedness ancestors, The Civil Defenders and The Survivalists.  Each of these movements has made important contributions to and led to the development of The Prepper Movement.  Think of the three movements as a preparedness family with Grandpa, Dad and Son all sharing interests but approaching those interests just a little differently.

The Preppers:

The problem with the Civil Defender and Survivalist models available in the 1980s  were that  the Civil Defenders preparedness efforts  was predicated upon getting all of society ready for a single type of event (nuclear war) and the Survivalists, although more broadly prepared seemed destined to abandon society altogether.  Thank heaven for the preppers and their third way.

A Prepper is an individual or group that practices preparedness in advance of any significant change in normal circumstances.  Preppers frequently describe this change in normal circumstances as “The End Of The World As We Know It” or use the acronym TEOTWAWKI.

The Prepper’s preparations typically include a combination of building preparedness knowledge, developing self-reliance skills and stockpiling preparedness gear and supplies.  Preppers tend to be less reclusive than survivalists and more interested in participating in the rhythms of society.  Preppers also tend to expend their preparedness efforts much more broadly than the Civil Defenders or even old school Survivalists to include the full range of man made and natural disasters including local disasters.

The Prepper’s broad focus doesn’t meant that most preppers don’t have a ‘pet’ or worst case TEOTWAWKI event that they are preparing for, just that such a ‘pet’ event helps them maintain the focus of their efforts.  Preppers are typically driven by a sense of obligation to their family, their community and a strong desire to protect and perpetuation civilization.  I have attempted to capture the essence of this prepper ethos with The Prepper’s Creed.The Prepper's Creed

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