Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Sometimes preparedness is about seeing the potential alternate uses of everyday items, sometimes preparedness is about keeping the ‘end’ in mind while dealing with the ‘ways’ and the ‘means.’  These were the inspirations for this periodic column on Prepography called… It’s Not This It’s That (INTIT):

  1. It’s not a salt lick for livestock, it’s brining material for salting that livestock’s meat
  2. It’s not 550 cord it’s a solar clothes dryer
  3. It’s not a pile of old tires…it’s an Earthship (or maybe just an Earthboat) waiting to be built (thanks to PennyPincher for the tip)
  4. It’s not a flower garden…it’s a survival garden just waiting to have the flowers replaced with beautiful vegetables
  5. It’s not a dog…it’s an early warning system…or if it’s like mine it’s a ‘come and get my master we live over here’ system
  6. It’s not a Ruger 10/22 it’s years and years of meat for the table
  7. That oversized, outdated microwave isn’t a kitchen decorator’s worst nightmare it’s a cheap, premade Faraday cage… once the cord is cut off
  8. It’s not a knee wall behind your window it’s your very own passive solar heater…maybe for your Earthboat
  9. It’s not a gym bag in the trunk it’s your get home bag
  10. Those aren’t your hunting buddies…they’re your preparedness group but you haven’t told them yet…time to start and make sure to turn them onto Prepography

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