Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Today’s Top 10 It’s Not This It’s That for Preppers

Sometimes preparedness is about seeing the potential alternate uses of everyday items, sometimes preparedness is about keeping the ‘end’ in mind while dealing with the ‘ways’ and the ‘means.’  These were the inspirations for a new periodic column here on Prepography called… It’s Not This It’s That (INTIT):

  1. It’s not your old army pistol belt with attached molle pouches…it’s your very own batman utility belt
  2. It’s not a gallon of unscented bleach it’s up to 3,000 gallons of potable water
  3. It’s not a .22 long rifle shell that cost you 3.9 cents it’s 1.318 lbs (583 calories, 111.46 grams of protein) of cottontail rabbit 
  4. That multi-pound box or bag of salt isn’t food seasoning it’s a food preservative
  5. It’s not an out of date phone book for downtown Possom Trot, it’s 500 pages of outhouse cleanliness
  6. Paracord Bracelet provides about 8 feet of CordageIt’s not a paracord bracelet…its 8 feet of 550lb strength cordage for your go bag or every day carry (EDC)
  7. It’s not a #10 can of hard red wheat…it’s 14 breakfast bowls of cereal or 21 cups of flour or 7 large loaves of bread, or 10 batches of pancakes
  8. It’s not a stack of rotten wood…it’s a permaculture bed waiting to be built
  9. It’s not a case of dehydrated food…it’s part of your gastronomical insurance policy
  10. It’s not a case of 12 year old single malt scotch…it’s medicinal

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