Tolerance Check, The Website

Tolerance Check, The Website

I came across a new website this week that’s been released in Beta Test mode.  It’s called Tolerance Check.  Tolerance Check allows you to create ‘memes’ about sensitive subjects and download or post them online to social media.  You can also see memes posted by other people and vote on whether you find the notion offensive or not.

Political CorrectnessIn addition to being good, politically incorrect fun, Tolerance Check serves two very useful purposes.

  1. You can easily check your libertarian (little ‘l,’ not big ‘L’ because we don’t want to waste any votes) credentials by seeing just how far you are willing to ‘live and let live’ those folks that you disagree with…or verify your ‘social conservatism’ (the act of requiring others to act in accordance with your moral convictions) or ‘social liberalism’ (the act of prohibiting people from acting on their own moral convictions).
  2. You can also trick others into actually thinking through their views if you cleverly juxtapose opposing arguments and maybe, just maybe derail some of growing intolerance we seem to have in today’s society.

Check out Tolerance Check and see what you think…here’s one of my favorite memes that’s been created so far…and not just because it has an obscure Twilight Zone

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