Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola

I have to admit, I don’t stock Coca-Cola with my preps or even keep it in my house.  You see, I’m addicted.  I can’t keep my hands off the stuff if it’s within reach.  If I had a bunker full of this nectar-of-the-gods that was hermetically sealed until doomsday… I’d spend the first few weeks afterwards wired to the gills and unable to sleep from all the caffeine.

Don’t worry about me though…I understand my addiction and take appropriate actions without the need for a Busybody Bloomberg or family intervention.  I buy one or two Cokes a day as I’m out and about and never bring the stuff home lest I be tempted to overindulge.

My addiction doesn’t keep me from dreaming longingly about that bunker full of Coca-Cola though… and if you decide to stock up on cola for potential cola-free times ahead then here are the Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola:

Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola

  1. Coca-ColaClean Grease and Blood Stains From Fabric:  Add a can of Coke with your detergent to the wash cycle and wash as normal.
  2. Attract and Kill Garden Pests:  A small bowl left in the garden will attract and kill slugs and snails.  Make sure that you only dump the bowl near acid loving plants when you’re done with it.
  3. Medicinal Uses:  Coca-Cola did start its life out as a medicinal product after all… there are reports that the caffeine in a can of Coke can prevent the onset of an asthma attack…not a home remedy I’d try unless there weren’t any other options but it’s good to know.  I also find that Coke works better to sooth a sore throat, relieve congestion and calm a cough better than many over the counter products.  Some people claim that Coke that’s been allowed to go flat will sooth an upset stomach…I like the fizz too much to try this particular remedy.  Reportedly Coke will also neutralize a jelly fish sting and it’s a better fix than getting pissed on.
  4. Clean Car Battery:  A little Coke poured over a corroded car battery terminal will magically clean the corrosion off.  Then flush with clean water.
  5. Cooking:  Baste or marinate meat in Coke to improve the taste (the sugar caramelizes) or tenderize a tough piece of meat by cooking it in Coke.
  6. Remove Smells:  Washing clothes, hands, pets, etc. with Coke will remove unwanted smells including fish and skunk smells.  Make sure not to apply to anything that will be damaged by the acid in Coca-Cola.
  7. Remove Rust:  Soak small objects overnight then scrub vigorously.  Loosen a rusty bolt by pouring a little Coke on it, letting it soak in and then loosening.
  8. Clean Cooking Pans:  If you have burned gunk ruining the sides and bottoms of your pans revitalize them by pouring in a can of Coke, simmering for up to an hour then washing.
  9. Barter Item:  I’m not a big fan of stocking up for barter but little luxuries like a bottle or can of Coke would be a great trade item.  I’ve paid up to $5 for a bottle of Coke when I was travelling overseas just to have that ‘taste of home.’
  10. Drink It:  I’ve already admitted to my Coca-Cola addiction…maybe you’ve got one too and will want that ‘taste of home’ yourself.

Well, those are the Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola.  Thankfully there’s nothing in the list except for #10 that can’t be accomplished another way because I just don’t have the willpower to leave a stockpile of Coca-Cola alone.  That also mean that if you’ve got the willpower to keep a stockpile your own Coca-Cola you’ll be able to extract a pretty penny…or pre 1964 silver dime from those like me who will be looking to feed their habit in a post-cola world.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Preparedness Uses of Cola”

  1. Jesse says:

    Are there other sodas that can achieve the same things? Do you know if diet coke works the same? (I generally avoid soda, so I’m asking not as a matter of personal taste but a what-if-all-they’re-out-of-coca-cola-and-all-I-can-get-is-pepsi-or-whatever. I assume generic coca-cola will work just fine and is more likely to be in stock)

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your comment. I chose Coca-Cola because it’s my personal addiction. Any acidic soda will work for the acid based uses and anything sugary will work for the carmelization use.

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